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My [livejournal.com profile] spnspringfling gift has been posted and OMG I love it so very very much!!!

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Jared in black!

Jared in white!!

Jared in black and white!!

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Is there anything Jared can't do? So much to drool over: his hair, his smile and dimples, one sleeveless layer showing off his shoulders and arms to perfection.

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Just a random Sam pic from Season 2 Hunted

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With just 6 weeks until AHBL8, I was finally able to book my flights today so I can see this dude! Cost me a bit more than I would have liked and means I'll be living on the absolute basics for the next couple of weeks but Jared Tristan Padalecki is worth every single dollar and then some!!!

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I remember seeing bits of "Endless Ring Of Light" after I started watching Supernatural and thinking Zach was oh so cute and adorable and kind of reminded me of someone but had no idea it was Jared until I began to searching out his non-SPN tv and movie roles.

It's now one of my favourite Jared films and I have watched it too many times to count.

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It's been 487 days since my last Padahug (J2-day at PasadenaCon, Nov 2015) Still can't quite get my head around the fact that in just another 50 days, I'll be getting more hugs from Jared. At this stage and budget allowing, hopefully 3 of them: Jared solo, J2 squishy sandwich and the Winchester Family pic with J2, Matt and Amy. The WF pic I may be splitting/sharing with my best friend as it's quite pricey ($350-- that's a week's rent for me)
I cannot wait for May 6 to get here already, to see Jared in person again, his beautiful smile and awesome laugh and gorgeously playful antics with Jensen during their panels. And of course his hair, all soft and shiny and simply glorious. And Hellatus!Scruff, too!!!
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4x08 Wishful Thinking

The hair, the smile, the dimple!!! Just a few of my favourite things!! And happy Sam, of course!!

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Always love finding old but new pics of Jared and these are particularly stunning.
Jared always looks amazing in blue but what I really love is how green his eyes are.

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Damn it, Padalecki!!!! Stop being so adorable!!!

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 2x20: What Is And What Should Never Be

Still think Sam looked extra gorgeous in this episode!

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Saw this on Twitter:

My response:

Am forever grateful that Jared doesn't have what seems to be the Hollywood standard short back & sides/buzzcut. His beautiful flowing, layered locks are almost ARE a character in their own right.

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Missed posting yesterday. It's been hotter than hell here the last few days with even worse humidity which has just sucked all the energy out of me.  Pretty much got home from work, watched the ep and then fell asleep.

Really liked the episode, loved that Sam was just as gorgeous and BAMF as that promo pic promised.

Spoilers for 12x14 )
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Season 8 is still my favourite SamHair. Looks so gloriously soft. Just wanna run my fingers through it.


Love the lighting they used during the Amelia flashbacks. Makes Sam look even more beautiful!

I remember how crazy fandom went when we saw The Ponytail!! Think we'll explode if we ever get Sam with a man-bun.

Wish we got more of scruffy bed-head hair because I love it so much. So fucking sexy!!!!


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