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In celebration of getting my Saturday ticket for AHBL8: J2 gold panel at Denver, Nov 2015, the first time I saw Jared in person. Couldn't take my eyes off him for the whole panel.

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......... it looks like J2 will be coming to All Hell Breaks Loose 8 in Melbourne on May 6 & 7, 2017!!!!!!

There was an SPN Xmas con last weekend in Australia. During the con a short teaser vid for AHBL 8 was shown. There were blink-and-you'd-miss-'em image flashes of various cast members: Jared and Jensen, Rich and Matt, Rob and Louden Swain, Jason Manns, Emily Swallow (Amara), Amy Gumineck (young Mary) and the Hillywood girls.


Apart from Rich and Matt as hosts, no other guests have been formally announced yet. We should get confirmation in mid January. But everyone seems pretty certain that


I'm gonna get more epically squishy PadaHugs!!!! and amazing J2 sandwich pics!!!!!

Just as awesome is that my BFF, Kim, is going to be there too and I'll finally get to meet her wonderful hubby and awesome kids. She's a wonderful friend and I can't wait to see her again and to share all the excitement of another con with her. Plus it will be her first time meeting Jared.
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OMG, the boys look amazing. But then, they ALWAYS look fantastic!! Though it's weird to see Jensen scarfed up and not Jared. But Jared in black tie!!! I'm not complaining!! Love it!


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Jared: Watching the MOST AMAZING MUSICIANS!!!! @officialkaleo is KILLING IT!!! #akf

Jensen: Amazing concert. Seriously amazing. Finally caught @officialkaleo in Austin! I'm done.

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Can always depend on J2 knowing when we need cheering up and delivering the goods. Thanks, guys!!!!!

YouTube via Jared's FB & Twitter

Vimeo via Jensen's FB & Twitter

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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] amberdreams at Smoulder time!
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What a rollercoaster of a day!!!! Went from the depths of utter despair to feeling like I was walking on pure sunshine in only a couple of hours.

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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] amberdreams at Pretty boys
I've seen the gifs posted, but I like screen caps because they are bigger. LOL. So I did some.
Thumbnail teaser first though.
2016 J2 popfest promo3
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Woke up this morning to my twitter TL chock full of Jared awesomeness and just have to share the goodies!!!

So much pretty and awesome and adorable Jared behind the cut that I think I may die....

....but what a way to go!!!!! )

and then this is the 1st post I see on LJ!!! Thank you, [livejournal.com profile] milly_gal

Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] milly_gal at Must be shared!! G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S.!

Anyone who couldn't see them, that's fixed now *kicks stupid lj*
Thank you [livejournal.com profile] big_heart_june!
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This whole campaign is so amazing I want to document it here in all it's glory.

Can our boys possibly be any more awesome, adorable or insane????

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Bought my VIP ticket to AHBL6 in Sydney, paid for my flights. Still have to purchase my Melbourne con ticket, VIP as well.

Now OzComicCon has added Ben Browder to a Sat night dinner along with Michael Shanks and I really, really, really want to go but I don't really have the money (well I do, but I've put it aside for my other VIP ticket for J2). Am thinking I can wait until Wed when I get paid and buy it then and pray they don't sell out earlier. Or I can get it now and wait til payday to get the VIP (and pray that THEY don't sell out).

Oh where is that 1st division Lotto win when I really need it????
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I've just purchased most of my tickets for DenverCon2015.

Gold Weekend Pass (seat D42)
2 Jared photo ops
2 Jensen photo ops
1 J2 photo op

Wanted to get those photo ops before they sold out. Hope to buy ops for other guests in the months to come (once my poor credit card has recovered.) Also have to decide if I want extra autographs in addition to those that come with the Gold package.

Now to wait until the LA con tickets go on sale and spend up big again!!!!


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