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ThrowbackThursday. Soon we'll be 5 :))

Also love the emojis Jared has been leaving on Gen's Instagram:

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Have missed Jared on social media lately. So it's awesome to see him posting again.

He live tweeted the west coast feed of 12x14 and then posted this on FB this morning:

The love he has for his AKF campaign still (and always will) tugs at my heartstrings. Even when he doesn't have an active campaign going on, you can tell it's never far from his mind or heart.

He also posted this gorgeous pic welcoming Genevieve to Instagram:

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Absolutely loving how active Jared has been on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook so far this year. Let's hope he keeps up with the regular postings as he always brings a smile to my face and a warmth in my heart and soul.

Lots & lots of lovely Jared!! )
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Jared: Watching the MOST AMAZING MUSICIANS!!!! @officialkaleo is KILLING IT!!! #akf

Jensen: Amazing concert. Seriously amazing. Finally caught @officialkaleo in Austin! I'm done.

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Have watched 12x02 twice and have many, many thoughts which I will write up tomorrow after my 3rd viewing but just wanted... no... NEEDED to post these tonight before I head off to bed.

Wow!!!! Just freakin' frellin' WOW!!!

12x02 spoiler pic )

Don't know what I love more, his gorgeous muscular shoulders and back or the 23 (yeah, I counted 'em!!!) puffy breaths!!

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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] cloex_brosluvr at Supernatural did it!

12 years in the making :). Thanks to everybody who voted! This cover belongs, not just to Jensen Ackles and me, but to the entire #SPNFamily.

jensenackles A Squirrel and a Moose in the name...clever EW. Clever.

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Another reason I so look forward to Jared's AKF campaigns is he posts almost daily pics and vids on FB, Twitter and Instagram.

Jared on instagram: The same pose in the same spot, exactly 1 year on...... Mind-blowing that even after 5 campaigns you guys are still supporting #AKF more than ever, with our biggest first 24 hours of sales on represent.com/Jared (link in bio) yet !!


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