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Bought a bag of crispy mint M&M's the other day and just opened them today after work. And OMG, why did nobody tell me how amazing they are. So crispy and minty and yummy and very, very moreish. In fact I'm in danger of eating the whole bag in one sitting. It's "that" time of the month so it could also be my usual chocolate craving saying "eat me, eat me!!! But OMG, these are so fucking good. My favourite M&M flavour since I had the peanut butter ones in Vegas 18 months ago (and which I cannot find ANYWHERE here at home).

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After sulking most of the day I finally listened to Dad's message he left this morning. Kept thinking how awful I would feel if it was bad news and I missed saying goodbye to him. He doesn't react well when coming out of sedation. Was just an update that his back surgery went well, had a lot of gunk drained from the cyst and he was waiting for the anesthetic to wear off to see how he really feels.

Relieved that he's okay and already in less discomfort/pain. He sounded pretty alert and more like himself.

Still don't know when I'll be able to visit him. Certainly not til after payday on Thurs. Next weekend is a 3 day holiday for New Year so hope to head down then, maybe even stay overnight. Will be able to take Sam as there won't be a house full of visitors.
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Plans for spending Xmas day at my Dad's place have been cancelled as he just called to tell me he's booked into hospital tomorrow to get a benign spinal cyst either drained or removed. Says it's nothing too serious and while I really want to believe that, I'm worried that he's downplaying it so as to not upset me too much. He also assured me it's not connected with his recent prostate cancer diagnosis.

He sounded pretty tired (actually miserable is more apt) on the phone so we didn't talk for long. I'm hoping to be able to visit him on either Monday or Tuesday (both public holidays) if he's feeling better.

Was going to drive down with my brother but have texted him to see if he wants to come to my place for lunch instead. If not, I guess I'll be spending a very quiet Xmas with just Sam for company. Either way, I'll do a roast (either chicken or lamb) for lunch and watch some favourite movies.

I'm going to do my best to enjoy my 4 days off as things have been very busy at work but was really looking forward to spending Sunday with my family as I don't see them much during the year. And giving my Dad a really big hug and tell him just how much I love him and how much he means to me. I'm so scared of losing him that just thinking about not having him in my life has me in tears at times.
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I found out a week ago that my 82 year old dad has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Good news is that they caught it early and it hasn't spread to any other organs or parts of his body. *huge, gigantic sigh of relief*
He's not having surgery or chemo, just a hormone injection every three months which I didn't even know was a treatment for this type of cancer.

I didn't handle the announcement very well, broke down sobbing for about half an hour after I read his text and whilst trying to call him but getting only his voicemail. Was much better after I talked to him that night and found out it wasn't as serious as I'd been dreading. Dad is in really good spirits and very positive that he'll be hanging around for many, many more years.

I'm trying to stay positive as well but just the thought that I might be losing him anytime soon was -- and still is-- simply terrifying. My mum passed away back in '89 just before I turned 21 and I am so not ready-- don't think I'll EVER be ready-- to say goodbye to Dad. He's my rock and support whenever I need someone to talk to or just hug and I love him so much.

I visited him a couple of weeks ago to pick up my lawnmower that he serviced for me. He knew then that he probably had cancer but didn't say anything before he had it confirmed because he knew how I would react, how worried and upset I would be-- and I was! Thanks, Daddy!! Knowing he still wants to protect his 47 year old 'baby girl' makes me feel so loved.

Now for the funny:
The hormone injection has some minor side effects, one of which is hot flushes!!!! Yes, my dad will be going through menopause!!! LOL My step-mum has been going through menopause for a long time now and gets really, really bad hot flushes and Dad, being a guy'n'all, has made lots of (loving but cheeky) fun of her discomfort and now she gets to return the favour and is really looking forward to it!
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..... happy ones!!!! :-)

Had the best fucking day today. It was so good I'm still on a bit of a high hours after I've gotten home.

It all started when I picked up Baby this morning and I was so happy to see her and get in her and drive her out of Jack's yard. After being lead to believe on Wednesday that I would never drive her again, just to sit in the driver's seat and put my hands on the steering wheel was like a gift from heaven. It literally feels as if Jack bought her back from the dead and back to life for me. I feel how Sam and Dean must feel every time the other appears in their life again. It's a glorious, very life affirming feeling and I love it!

Got a job as soon as I logged on and worked non-stop picking up and delivering for the rest of the day. After I had delivered a few jobs I received another pick-up in the same suburb I was delivering to. I acknowledge the job and then get this text message from Hayley, one of the operators who does the job allocations:

H:"I am so glad you are back. You're a gun!"

Well that just made an already great day even better!!! With a huge grin on my face, I texted back:

Me: "LOL. Awww, you missed me yesterday??"


H:"Of course."

I'd forgotten how wonderful it feels to be appreciated and valued by a fellow colleague/s and to know that I am missed when I take a day off. It certainly never happened in my previous job where the manager barely even acknowledged my existence except to complain and tell me how poorly I was doing.
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Been a great week so far. Only 2 more shifts at the petrol station on Thursday arvo/evening and Saturday morning and then I'm outta there for ever!!!!!

Worked Tuesday and Wednesday driving and I am loving it so much. Can't wait til next week when I'll begin couriering full-time. I feel so much calmer and more relaxed not having to deal with A**hole lazy co-workers and rude, arrogant customers that treat me like shit. "Give me smokes, give me coffee" with barely a please or thank you for serving them.

Chanelle, the girl in the courier office who handles most of the job allocations via the PDA units, actually acknowledges my login with a good morning and smiley emoticon unlike dickhead servo boss who would always scurry straight down to his office without even looking at or speaking to any of the staff. Good riddance to the bloody lot of them. The only one I will miss working with is Terese in the cafe. She's always been really nice and friendly and very hard working and she agrees that the rest are a bunch of lazy bastards, so we always got on really well.

Getting the company signage put on my vehicle tomorrow which means I can sleep in. Yay!!! It's hard getting out of bed at 6.30am when it's only 5C but at least I can stay at home til I'm allocated my first job which is usually by 7.30am. Been nice and busy, usually doing either multiple pick/ups & deliveries or getting a new pick up as soon as I've delivered my previous job. So busy in fact that I barely have time to check twitter or FB. Was going to take a book with me (I'm currently reading Book 2 of Game of Thrones) but I doubt I'll have time to even open it between jobs. It's great being able to just listen to the radio and my favourite cds as I drive around. Maybe I should get the audio books of GoT to listen to in the car. Been finishing at around 4pm which means I can take Sam out for an hour-long walk and run in the local dog park before it gets too dark and cold. We both need the exercise and there are some very friendly owners I've been getting to know. Plus Sam is making doggie friends too which is great to see.

Will need to get some work done on the car over next couple of weeks. The poor thing has been rather neglected these last few years and really needs some TLC, so new tyres and CV joints are top of the list when I get paid next week. Also due is the car licence registration and my driver's licence renewal, all of which I can now claim as tax deductions next year.
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and it's all good news!!!!

My friend has contacted her property manager and they are ok with me taking over her lease. Just have to fill out the usual paperwork and start saving the $1400 I'll need to cover the bond + extra for moving costs, getting internet connected and utilities transferred over to my name.

Still can't believe this has happened so quick!! Now I can concentrate on packing and getting rid of stuff that I don't want or need anymore.
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It's amazing how one bit of completely out of the blue luck can turn your whole day around.

Just received notice in an email this morning to vacate the rental I've called home for the last 10 years as the owners want to 'develop' the property ie: tear it down and cram multiple units/villas on the 1/4 acre block. It's happening all along the street. My block is one of the last with only 1 dwelling on it, so I knew it was going to happen here eventually, especially since they put me on a periodical lease at the beginning of the year.

Have until August 3rd July 6th (agent screwed up :-/ ) to move out, so have just 2 months to find somewhere else but am still pretty stressed and upset. I really like this house and love the area, being so close to the river that Sam loves to visit and swim in every time we go walkies.

Plus, I know it's going to be very tough to find another place I can afford that's pet-friendly as there is no way in hell that I'll go somewhere I can't have Sam.

One silver lining, I guess, is that I can get rid of a lot of stuff I've accumulated over the last 10 years.


Posted this earlier on FB and one of my best friends commented that she is moving end of June/early July and would I like to take over her lease?? The rent is within my pretty tight budget (only $40/week more than what I'm paying) Plus she has a dog, so we know the property and owners are pet friendly. She's in a really nice little place with a small secure yard that I know Sam is going to love. It's in a suburb a few kms further away from work (but that's no hassle) and not near the river that Sam and I love to walk along every day but we can drive there so not a hassle either. And I'm sure I'll find places to walk him and hopefully a dog exercise area pretty close too.

So am crossing fingers and toes and every other body part that I can that this move works out. My friend is moving in with her boyfriend, so am also hoping she doesn't break up with him and want to stay where she is. And even if I didn't need her place, I'm still really happy for her that she's met someone and things are moving forward for them both.

Trying not to get my hopes up as I know the place isn't mine yet. Don't know if she's given notice yet or if the agents have listed it and will want to investigate other tenant applications but this has just come at the perfect time and I really want everything to go smoothly.


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