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Received my assignment and I love the prompts and my prompter's likes and dislikes match my own very very closely so I really think this is a match made in heaven (or given this will be boyking!Sam, then Hell is probably more appropriate) Thanks so much to the [livejournal.com profile] sammessiah mods for giving her to me (OMG!! that sounds so dirty!!!! LOL)

I have a title "Every Possession, A Duty" which fits so well with what I want to write that it's scary. It's from a longer quote that I found when "googling" some words inspired by the prompt I had been most drawn too. The perfectness of the quote sealed the deal, even though the other two prompts were really interesting too.

I even have the beginnings of the story forming. I know roughly when it will be set and what I would like to happen. Just hope Sam and Dean and the other characters co-operate. But I know they won't. They will do what they want, I'll just be the observer and note-taker. But there will be visions and demons invading Sam's dreams and non-con and chains and collars and whips and boys crying and surrender and submission and sacrifice.

Now I just have to find the time to write it while I'm still working on getting my Big Bang done!!!
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My fic has been posted at [livejournal.com profile] spnspringfling and my prompter has commented and liked what I did and I really want to comment back and say thanks but I can’t until after reveals.

So here's me saying THANKYOU!!!!!!

Oh well, back to slugging it out with my very stubborn muse to get the next chapters on my Big Bang done. She just wants to work on the alternate POV sequel to my springfling fic but I will not give in, damn it!!!
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The fic is completed and with my wonderful betas. At 2498 words it really come down to the wire. Though I really wish I'd had an extra couple of thousand words, I'm very happy with how it turned out, considering I had absolutely no idea what to write for the first 4 days. I got in pretty much everything I wanted and I didn't have to delete anything. And, with only 100 words or so up my sleeve, I even managed to squeeze in that "all important sex scene."

I really enjoyed the challenge of writing what I wanted at the same time as having to reign my kinky side in so as to not potentially offend my prompter/ee. I can’t wait to do this again next year.

I'm also kind of sad not to be working on this fic anymore. What I really want to do is also write the story from the POV of the other main character, filling in a lot of the blanks and expanding on scenes that were cut short because of the word limit.

To my prompter: I really, really hope you like (perhaps even love) what I've written for you and that just the warnings alone won't have you running to the hills in horror.

Now back to my BigBang for a couple of weeks before I get started on my AntiChristmas/ Evil!Sam fic which is due by May 11. Have my prompts and they are delicious and my prompter wants what I love to write so I get to kink to my heart’s content.
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Was getting ready to go out to see my local football (WAFL/Aussie Rules) team play when I check my tv for which game is being broadcast and it's my team which means rather than going out and losing valuable [livejournal.com profile] spnspringfling writing time, I can watch the game in the comfy of my recliner and still write!!!

Am making excellent progress and really getting into Dean's head which is great (and a bit scary) as I usually only write Sam POV. And boy am I being tough on my Sammy!!! Just hope I don't upset any Sam!Girls out there but these are Dean's thoughts and feelings, not mine.

I think my main challenge will be telling the story I want (need) to tell in only 2500 words.
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Been almost tearing my hair out trying to come up with an idea that didn't suck ( or hell, any idea at all!!!!) and all of a sudden one comes and lots of details and plot points come along with it. It just seemed to pop into my head almost fully formed. Wow...... what a blessed relief. Now I just have to write the damned thing and figure out some minor details like POV and the all important sex-scene.

It's gonna be angsty and kinda dark Wincest with a hint of D/s but hopefully not too kinky as I don't know if my recipient is as twisted and perverted as I am.
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Well, not exactly true. I received my assignment and while I got my favourite pairing, the prompts are not exactly jumping up and down yelling "Write me, write me." And they aren't bad prompts, just not what I was expecting or hoping for.

One I ruled out straight away so that left 2. One of those allows me to do very little of something that I'm not very good at so that is probably the most promising. The other is just one word that I could take in a couple of very different directions-- mythological or modern.

So anyone got any advice as to how to proceed and work the prompts into a story of between 500 & 2500 words. I'm normally pretty good at doing prompt fics, but I'm completely blanking on this one.

PS: to whoever received my pairings & prompts:: I hope I didn't make them too vague or difficult. Just know that I'm really looking forward to reading whatever you come up with.
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Just spent the last couple of hours going through all the wonderful, amazing art prompts for [livejournal.com profile] spn_reversebang. Had the hardest time narrowing down my initial list of about 12 to my top 5 and then getting those 5 in order but it's finally done. I'm really, really hoping I get either of my top 2 as those were the ones that grabbed me from the start but I'll be happy with snagging any of them. Have ideas already forming in my twisted little mind and can't wait to start writing.

Claims to open up in just over 15 hours. The timing is great as I get home from work just before so will be wide awake and raring to go. Will even have them typed up in a word doc so I can cut/paste into the comments sections as soon as the claims post is up.


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