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Up #1 was definitely the return of SPN and our boys knocked it out of the park. Watched it with [livejournal.com profile] ratfan and loved it so, so much. What an awesome season opener, emotional and gripping and scary.

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It's been a pretty tough last few days. More car trouble is causing me so much stress and worry... how serious it is and how much it's going to cost I won't know until Tues as Monday is a public holiday here.

Am so over getting one thing fixed only to have something else fail. Wish I could afford to buy a newer car but I'm in too much debt already to qualify for a loan so just have to keep patching her up and hope she keeps running long enough for me to dig myself out of this black pit. Thank God, I've got an amazing mechanic who knows my situation and is very flexible in allowing me to pay for repairs over a few weeks.

Thanks most of all to a couple of wonderful SPNFamily friends who kept me somewhat sane yesterday afternoon by just being there for me to talk to. Kim chatted with me on FB for hours and Betty (god bless her) offered me the loan of a car so I can keep working (and earning) while my Baby is off the road. It really does reinforce that 'Family Has Your Back' and 'You Are Not Alone' aren't just a bunch of words on t-shirts. They are real and beautiful and more than I could have possibly asked for. I was in tears more than once yesterday and just so grateful to have such amazing friends.

And then I wake up to my Twitter TL exploding with so many gorgeous pics of Jared enjoying his weekend in Vegas. He looks so happy and relaxed and refreshed. I've been worrying about him lately and really missing the FB vids he normally does during an AKF campaign so to see his wonderful smile this morning was simply delightful and just what I needed.

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..... happy ones!!!! :-)

Had the best fucking day today. It was so good I'm still on a bit of a high hours after I've gotten home.

It all started when I picked up Baby this morning and I was so happy to see her and get in her and drive her out of Jack's yard. After being lead to believe on Wednesday that I would never drive her again, just to sit in the driver's seat and put my hands on the steering wheel was like a gift from heaven. It literally feels as if Jack bought her back from the dead and back to life for me. I feel how Sam and Dean must feel every time the other appears in their life again. It's a glorious, very life affirming feeling and I love it!

Got a job as soon as I logged on and worked non-stop picking up and delivering for the rest of the day. After I had delivered a few jobs I received another pick-up in the same suburb I was delivering to. I acknowledge the job and then get this text message from Hayley, one of the operators who does the job allocations:

H:"I am so glad you are back. You're a gun!"

Well that just made an already great day even better!!! With a huge grin on my face, I texted back:

Me: "LOL. Awww, you missed me yesterday??"


H:"Of course."

I'd forgotten how wonderful it feels to be appreciated and valued by a fellow colleague/s and to know that I am missed when I take a day off. It certainly never happened in my previous job where the manager barely even acknowledged my existence except to complain and tell me how poorly I was doing.
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It's 6pm and my mechanic Jack just rang me and the repairs are done and the cost is less than $500!!!!! There's still some issues to address but they aren't serious enough to keep the car off the road and me not earning any money. So I'll be picking the car up in the morning and should be back at work by 10am.

The radiator has been replaced and the fan is working again \o/ and he's okay with me paying the bill next Thursday when I get paid. \o/ \o/

So all is good (for now) and I'm just so relieved that the RAC dudes were so fucking wrong with their diagnosis and multi-thousand $ repair estimate and that I had Jack to turn to and that he's such a great mechanic and truly decent guy who actually cares about and looks after his clients best interest rather than his bank account balance.

Will sleep a lot better tonight knowing my Baby is gonna be okay and not heading to the scrap heap.
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What a rollercoaster of a day!!!! Went from the depths of utter despair to feeling like I was walking on pure sunshine in only a couple of hours.

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Been a great week so far. Only 2 more shifts at the petrol station on Thursday arvo/evening and Saturday morning and then I'm outta there for ever!!!!!

Worked Tuesday and Wednesday driving and I am loving it so much. Can't wait til next week when I'll begin couriering full-time. I feel so much calmer and more relaxed not having to deal with A**hole lazy co-workers and rude, arrogant customers that treat me like shit. "Give me smokes, give me coffee" with barely a please or thank you for serving them.

Chanelle, the girl in the courier office who handles most of the job allocations via the PDA units, actually acknowledges my login with a good morning and smiley emoticon unlike dickhead servo boss who would always scurry straight down to his office without even looking at or speaking to any of the staff. Good riddance to the bloody lot of them. The only one I will miss working with is Terese in the cafe. She's always been really nice and friendly and very hard working and she agrees that the rest are a bunch of lazy bastards, so we always got on really well.

Getting the company signage put on my vehicle tomorrow which means I can sleep in. Yay!!! It's hard getting out of bed at 6.30am when it's only 5C but at least I can stay at home til I'm allocated my first job which is usually by 7.30am. Been nice and busy, usually doing either multiple pick/ups & deliveries or getting a new pick up as soon as I've delivered my previous job. So busy in fact that I barely have time to check twitter or FB. Was going to take a book with me (I'm currently reading Book 2 of Game of Thrones) but I doubt I'll have time to even open it between jobs. It's great being able to just listen to the radio and my favourite cds as I drive around. Maybe I should get the audio books of GoT to listen to in the car. Been finishing at around 4pm which means I can take Sam out for an hour-long walk and run in the local dog park before it gets too dark and cold. We both need the exercise and there are some very friendly owners I've been getting to know. Plus Sam is making doggie friends too which is great to see.

Will need to get some work done on the car over next couple of weeks. The poor thing has been rather neglected these last few years and really needs some TLC, so new tyres and CV joints are top of the list when I get paid next week. Also due is the car licence registration and my driver's licence renewal, all of which I can now claim as tax deductions next year.
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Yesterday, I gave verbal notice to my manager of my intent to leave, unsure of what his reaction would be. There wasn't one. He just said, "put it in writing on my desk," and walked away. No "Sorry to see you go" or "did you want to talk about it?" He didn't even ask if I had another job lined up and what it was. That pretty much convinced me I'd made to right decision to resign and move on. He just didn't give a fuck.

Last's night 4pm-midnight shift went pretty well. It helped that we ran out of the cheapest grade of fuel at 9pm, so was a lot quieter than normal.

Today was one of the best and least stressful I've had in recent months. Spent the day on the road with a driver, Steven, from the courier company I'm starting with full-time at the start of August. He showed me how to use the PDA data unit and we did about 12 jobs, I think, which he said was a fairly average day. Asked him heaps of questions and he was happy to give me advice and a few tips. With what he told me today's jobs earned him, I shouldn't have any problems earning double what I currently make. The longest we waited for a job was probably about 15 mins, means we were on the go for the whole day with usually a couple of jobs at a time and did about 300kms.

About 5pm, he dropped me off at the base and I had a quick chat with my new boss, Tristan who was really friendly and very welcoming. He asked if I could start full-time driving tomorrow. When I explained I'd had to give 2 weeks notice and work a few late afternoon/evening shifts, he asked if I would be interested in driving on my free days or wait to finish up. I didn't hesitate to say, I'll start ASAP which will be on Friday as I have BP shifts on Wednesday and Thursday. I'm also doing 3 days driving next week so won't have a gap between pays when I finish at BP.

Feels so great to actually be wanted and appreciated as an employee, something that I haven't felt at BP in a very long time. And I haven't even properly started there yet!!!! :-)

Got my uniforms today and will be issued my PDA on Friday. Can't remember when I've looked forward to going to work so much. Even the remaining BP shifts aren't filling me with dread as they did prior to this week.
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Big changes this week. Rang up about an add in the Saturday paper from a courier company needing drivers. Pretty much secured the position during my inquiry phone call on Monday. HR guy (Graeme) I was speaking to said the add did specify previous experience in the transport industry, asked me how much I had and when I replied 20 years, he responded with "Oh, is that all?" in a very light-hearted tone and I was rather positive that the job was mine.

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....trying to understand my boss, that is.

Just me ranting about my boss behind here.... )
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Still slowly making my way through all the marvellous fics we were blessed with this year. However due to a crazy work schedule over the next 2 days and a local Comic Con this weekend, will have to put reading more of them on hold til next week. But I promise to get to them all eventually and leave comments.

My crazy schedule:
Thurs 4pm-12.15am Fri morning
Fri 10am-2pm
Sat 1200am-6.30am

Somehow have to squeeze in a few hours sleep between shifts. Good thing I don't have too much trouble falling asleep during the day. Will have time for a quick shower after Sat AM shift before I head to ComicCon and a marvellous weekend fangirling with my fellow fangirls and SPNFamily (and about 15,000 other geeks and nerds and cool folks)

Weekend at Oz ComicCon
Sat 8am-6pm- photos with Jim, Rachel and Joe Flanigan and their panels as well. Try to meet up with as many folks from my FB group as I can find.
Sat 6.30pm Pre-dinner drinks with the ladies from my local SPNFamily FB group I run.
Sat 8pm-10pm Dinner with Jim Beaver and Rachel Miner. We get a group photo with them as well!!!
10pm-??? post dinner drinks (most likely coffee!!) to squee and celebrate having dinner with Jim and Rachel!!!
Sun 8am-6pm More panels with Jim, Rachel and Joe, get all my photo ops signed, buy some merch (hopefully SPN funkos)

It's going to be a very exhausting but awesome weekend and I can't wait!!!!
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Starting with the best first....

Season 12 is official. We are getting a fucking SEASON 12 of our amazing little show that could!!! I couldn't be happier at this wonderful news. Even though I was pretty certain it was going to happen, it's great to get official confirmation. I'm am in no way ready to say goodbye to the boys, to Baby, to the whole SPN 'verse.

Even better I heard it from Jared himself during his latest and oh-so adorable FB livestream.

And he looks so delighted at the news as well! This was another amazing chat with Jared that gets me all gooey inside and grinning like an idiot. Oh and when he took off his beanie and shook his hair out I think I may have died for a few seconds.

The timing couldn't have been better as I was on a midnight-8am shift at work and having the shittiest shift I can ever remember. Too many rude, arrogant, stoned customers making my life hell and to top it off, one of them got pissed when I wouldn't (couldn't) do what he wanted and he smashed his foot into the windscreen of my car (which is parked next to the night-pay window), shattering it. We've got him on camera and I'll be putting in a police report but as I don't think he can be identified (he came to the petrol station on foot, not in a car) I doubt anything will happen.

Then five minutes later while I'm still majorly pissed off and shooting steam out of my ears, I get notification that Jared is about to livestream and get this huge smile on my face. Seeing his beautiful face, hearing his hearfelt words about Show and AKF and how he thanks us really helped me get through the last 4 hours of my shift without killing someone, getting fired or both.

And I have the best brother in the world. When I rang him and explained about the windscreen and that I couldn't afford to get it replaced til late next week, meaning I wouldn't have the car til then and have to rely on public transport to get to and from work, he agreed to pay for it ($360!!!!) and I'll pay him back in instalments from my next few pays. Love you, bro!!!!
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Why, oh why, did I agree to do a 4 hour shift at my home store today changing over promotional merchandise and signage and then drive almost an hour in afternoon peak hour traffic to do a 5pm-midnight at another store when all I want to do right now is stay at home writing my [livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_bigbang and watching SPN eps and con vids?????

And yes, my boss really does hate me. I was at work yesterday with 2 other CSRs when he calls from his office (at back of store) to the console area, asks both of the other CSRs if they can do the 4 hour shift today (neither can) but doesn't ask me even though he knows A) I'm available - he has the roster with him - and B) He KNOWS I need and want extra hours, esp after he cut me back to just 2 shifts (16 hours/week which isn't even enough to cover my rent, let alone all my other bills). I told the lady CSR to tell him I'd do it only after I overheard the CSRs talking about why they couldn't do it. "Oh, he needs someone tomorrow, does he?? Well I can do it." All the while quietly calling him every rude word I know. He really is an asshole.

Am so seriously thinking of contacting the Area Manager (his boss, BTW) and asking for a transfer to any other store that will give me 4 or 5 regular shifts/week. This having to rely on getting relief shifts at other stores every week is getting very stressful. Basically have to keep my mobile with me 24/7, can't arrange to go out to a movie or just coffee with friends in case a shift comes up. So I pretty much have no social life at the moment and it's really getting me down.
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My schedule for the next 48 hours is crazy, possibly bordering on insane.

Seeing Hugh Jackman's show Broadway to Oz tonight which finishes about 11pm. Hope to be home by midnight as I have to get up at 3.45am for a 5am shift at a new work location almost an hour south of where I live. The petrol station is on the major freeway into the city and is going to be so busy I can't even imagine. It's a roadhouse set-up with 40 fuel pumps (most servos I work at have between 10 & 12 pumps) where they are making about 150 coffees an hour. To cope, instead of 1 barista making a coffee start to finish, they have to use a production-line of 3, one taking the orders, one doing the coffee shots and the 3rd steaming and adding the milk.

Hope it's not quite that busy, though. The store has only been open a week so it may not be. Also hope I get assigned to one the cash registers taking payments as that's where I feel most comfortable and able to work fast without making mistakes.

That shift finishes at 1pm, then it's home for a few hours sleep before going to see Hugh again tomorrow night. Tickets were only $50 each so I couldn't resist going to both shows. Seats are way up the back but as it's not an overly large venue (about 14,000 capacity, I think) and with the customary big screens all stage shows & concerts seem to have now, the view should be pretty good.

Then I drive straight from the concert to a different servo to do a midnight-7am shift on Thursday morning.

Should be well and truly exhausted by the time I get home about 8am and will be heading straight to bed as I have more midnight shifts each night until next Tues.
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With at least $900 worth of photo ops planned for AHBL6 Melbourne/Sydney (and that's just Jared, Jensen and a J2 in each city) I was really hoping and needing to get a lot of shifts this month. Well my prayers were answered and how!!!!!!!

From my normal roster of 3 shifts/ 24 hours per week, I've worked 7 shifts/nearly 50 hours each week for the last fortnight and will be working just as many in this next pay fortnight. This includes 2 shifts on each Saturday last fortnight (midnight-8am & 6pm-midnight) and next week will be doing a 6pm-midnight/ 5am-11am double with only about 4 hours sleep between them. All this means lots of penalty rate (1.5x and 2x) overtime as we are supposed to have a minimum 10 hour break between shifts but I'm going to be naughty and not tell my home-store manager (the 5-11 shift) about finishing at midnight at another site.

Plus he still owes me 7 hours of unpaid work from a month ago which I really hope gets added to this week's pay. If I get paid on time for all my hours, I'll have enough to get the other 2 photo ops plus extra autos and t-shirts/merchandise.

Besides J2, there's also Mark Sheppard, Richard and Matt and Osric. I get 2 of them included in my ticket (but don't know yet which 2 Hub will choose; am hoping for Matt and Osric.) Plus as I get all my autos in my ticket too, I'll need something for the guys to sign.

As tiring as doing all these shifts are (especially the 5-11 café shifts where I'm making coffees non-stop for 3 or more hours) I hope they continue as I still have to buy my Supanova ticket to see Nathan Fillion and now SPN LA con tickets have just gone on sale but won't be getting them (Gold tix, J & J photo ops) til probably July, plus I still have more US airfares and hotels to book/pay for the November trip. Had been hoping to have all those covered by now and to be saving up spending money but J2 coming to AHBL really threw a spanner in the works and my budget. Not that I'm complaining about getting to see the boys twice more and much sooner, but it's certainly made things a little tighter re finances.
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Work has exploded this week. From thinking I'd have 4 days off, I ended up doing three shifts instead which is very good news for my bank account. Have another 2 this weekend to take me to 5.

Been feeling very under the weather with a thing that started as just a cough that spread into both my sinuses and chest. Been doped up on cold'n'flu meds and cough syrup that seems to be slowly making a difference.

So, figured I deserved something fun and good right now so headed to Amazon to spend some money. Put SPN season 9 on pre-order as well as the complete box set of 24 (price cut from $180 to $99 was too good to pass up). Also bought 2 John Barrowman cd's and a collectors DVD of a couple of his concerts.
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After stressing out big time that I may have trouble paying my rent (without resorting to the dreaded credit card, something I've never had to do in 20 years of renting and something I'll do pretty much anything to avoid) due to my hours being cut to 2 shifts a week, I've just picked up an extra 16 hours in relief shifts this week. Add to the 7 hour shift I did overnight on about 20 mins notice, then my pay packet for the coming fortnight is looking a lot more healthy.

In other happy news, this is quickly becoming one of my favourite SPN coms, [livejournal.com profile] spn_on_parade. The wonderful and varied adventures of our boys never fails to make me smile and usually LOL and with the above mentioned stress, I've needed a lot of both lately.

Plus I'm loving the massive random postings of the last couple of days. Great to see everyone chipping in and sharing little snippets of wonderful

Fandom and my amazing LJ f*list: I luvs ya heaps.
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Knew this would happen. Sit down to write with laptop on my knee and it's going great. I'm in The Zone and words and sentences and parqagraphs are flowing easily and smoothly from my brain through my fingers and onto the screen. There's character's doing things, not just thinking them, and dialogue (both of which I suck at big-time) and I know exactly what is going to happen next and why and best of all there is not a sex scene in sight (well not yet, it;s all leading to probably the most significant sex scene in the whole fic).

So I'm pretty much in my Happy Place right now and I've got to go and get changed for work in a job where I can't do any writing at all (except in my head-- where I do a lot when I'm away from my computer) and I don't want to go to work. I want to call in sick and stay home and watch re-runs of season 6 and write and write and write. 
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3rd and final flight (Sydney to Melbourne) booked and paid for. Melbourne hotel for 3 nights booked and paid for. Now I can concentrate on putting away spending money for the trip.

Things I still have to budget for include photos and autos and some merchandise, a couple of tours in both cities. Not planning too much in advance. Just gonna see what the weather is like (hoping for fine and sunny but preparing for rain and storms) and what I feel like doing when I get there.

Only 6 weeks to go and I'm get more and more excited. Not just for the chance to meet the actors from the show and hang out with fellow fans, but to get a break from work which is really getting me down at the moment. I still enjoy my job, most days, but it's been getting a bit boring lately as in I'm doing the same thing everyday. I'm actually starting to hope that something breaks down or needs attention, just for something different to do.
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 Having a rare day off work, even though I'm going in for an hour or so tonight to help a new staffer through the closing procedure as she's only worked in 24 hour service stations so has never done a closing shift before.

So watching a few eps of Being Human and surfing the net on my laptop which I have to admit I've fallen a little bit in love with. Haven't taken her to bed yet, but with these ultra cold nights we're having, it's getting rather tempting to curl up under the doona with the electric blanket on.
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In working at the service station, I think I've found it or maybe it found me. The 1pm-9pm solo shift allows me to stay awake way past midnight, which I love, having always been a night-owl, to sleep in late in the morning, past 8 or 9am, which I also love and I pretty much don't have a boss looking over my shoulder the whole time I'm at work, which I think I love most of all. I've always been a very solitary person. Been living pretty much by myself for the last 15 years and enjoying coming home to a quiet house where my baby, Scully (see my icon) is ALWAYS happy to see me no matter what sort of mood I'm in.

Everything seems to be going great at the moment. I'm hoping the bubble doesn't burst, though I fear, with my penchant for bad luck, it will and it probably won't be a trickle but a downpour to rival the Great Flood.

Dr Who: Planet of the Dead was both brilliant and heartbreaking as we were once again reminded at the end that David Tennant's time as #10 is drawing to an end and I'm not ready to say goodbye to him. Don't think I'll ever be ready. Already know that I'm going to be bawling my eyes out during his last Christmas special. I will watch at least the first few eps of next season, just to see how Matt Smith does #11, but I know it won't be anywhere near as good as David, but I hope it's at least watchable as I've really grown to love the whole Whoverse over the last 4 or 5 years.

Also really enjoying House, Lost, 24, Castle, Robin Hood, Legend Of the Seeker.

Must get ready for work. It's a great feeling to actually want to go to my job rather than dreading it and just doing it for the money.


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