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And his first pressie is from my ISP, Iinet who is giving me an whopping 1000gb/month downloads and NOT increasing the price. Currently paying $70/month for 300gb so an extra 700gb for FREE is a very nice gift. And it's not just for December but on-going!!!

So, Thank you very much, Iinet!!!!

*runs off to start a massive d'loading marathon of every movie & tv show I've always wanted but can't afford (yet!) and feeling like a kid let loose in a candy store!!!*
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In less than 24 hours I'll be watching the season finale with [livejournal.com profile] ash48 & [livejournal.com profile] zebra363 . I envision much squeeing and WTH and lots and lots of drooling over gorgeous guys and beautiful cars (well, 1 beautiful car who we have all missed so much) and cursing and WTF with the inevitable cliffhanger and then mad, crazy, passionate dissecting with what it all means and where it's all heading for season 8.

Coffee and apple pie and lots of other goodies will be on the menu, too.

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Supernatural renewed for an 8th season with word from CW's persident, Mark Pedowitz, " “I’m not looking at season 8 as the final year in any way, shape or form.”

It will air on Wednesday nights  in the US (Thursday morning, Perth time-- so yay, I'll still be able to watch it before work.)


It won't return until sometime in October!!!!!!!!! :-( That means a HELLATUS OF OVER 4 MONTHS!!!!!!!!.  The only silver lining is apparently this should be mean fewer in-season breaks. Seems like we had way too many during season 7, especially during the last half.

and saving the best for last--- THE GORGEOUS:

And not to mention gracious:

Jared Padalecki@jarpad

Here in NYC, SO proud of CW's new lineup for next season! Happy, humbled, and grateful to be back for an eighth season of supernatural :)

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And no, this is not in regards to Supernatural, but one of my other favourite shows, House. Yes I do watch shows other than Supernatural. :-)

Beware House spoilers!!!!!!!! )
Am so looking forward to next week's series finale House even at the same time I'm really sad that it will be the LAST EPISODE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!. I just know it's going to be both awesome and heartbreaking and I'll be laughing and crying and cheering House on and screaming and cursing at him too, because that's what House has been like for me for the past 8 years.

And then I'm going to do a full 8 season re-watch because even though the show will be over, I know I won't be ready to say goodbye for a long, long time.

PS: PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT POST ANY HOUSE SPOILERS IN COMMENTS.  I really want to see the series finale as unspoiled as possible.
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After thinking about it for months, made up my mind this morning that I am going to the 'All Hell Breaks Loose' SPN con being held in Sydney and Melbourne at the end of May.

Confirmed guests so far are Richard, Misha, Tracey and Jim. Interestingly there are still 2 guests TBA boxes on the sight. Am no way getting my hopes that one or both of them might be filled by SPN actors whose first name starts with "J" From everything I've heard around the 'net, there is very little in hell of either Jared or Jensen making another trip downunder.

Am still kicking myself for not getting into the show a couple of months earlier-- I started watching in June or July 09, even though I was aware of it for a long time beforehand. I even remember seeing the end of one ep, can't recall which one, but think it was season 1, saw JP and JA and foolishly thought "Oh, they're just pretty boy teen actors, not my type at all" Little did I know that they would quickly grow into amazingly gorgeous men-- definitely my type. :-)

AHBL 1 which both Jared and Jensen attended was held a few months before that. I have the con on DVD and have watched it heaps, but having gone to lot of Farscape  and Stargate cons, there is nothing like actually being there in person, meeting the actors, getting photos and autos and perhaps even best of all, hanging out with fellow fans who not only share my obession but understand it as well. Love the fact that you can be in a queue waiting for autos or photo-ops, turn around to the person behind you, a complete stranger, and immediately start a conversation without having to explain anything and without being considered weird for being obsessed by a tv show.

Will only have to miss 1 shift at work (Saturday) and swap Monday morning for the arvo shift. Fly to Sydney on the red-eye after work Friday night, onto Melbourne Sat night before flying home Sunday night or Monday morning.

Have pretty much accepted that I'd have to travel to the US to meet both J's, which I really, really want to do. One thing in my favour is that it's looking really good for a season 8 which hopefully means more cons later this year and into 2013. I need a big lead-in time as flights to US from Oz are expensive, then there's accomodation and the con tix and all the goodies like photos and autos.
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Been avoiding season 6 Supernatural spoilers like the plague but here is one I have absolutely no regret seeing.
pretty, pretty spolier )pretty, pretty spoiler )
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 Having a rare day off work, even though I'm going in for an hour or so tonight to help a new staffer through the closing procedure as she's only worked in 24 hour service stations so has never done a closing shift before.

So watching a few eps of Being Human and surfing the net on my laptop which I have to admit I've fallen a little bit in love with. Haven't taken her to bed yet, but with these ultra cold nights we're having, it's getting rather tempting to curl up under the doona with the electric blanket on.
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In working at the service station, I think I've found it or maybe it found me. The 1pm-9pm solo shift allows me to stay awake way past midnight, which I love, having always been a night-owl, to sleep in late in the morning, past 8 or 9am, which I also love and I pretty much don't have a boss looking over my shoulder the whole time I'm at work, which I think I love most of all. I've always been a very solitary person. Been living pretty much by myself for the last 15 years and enjoying coming home to a quiet house where my baby, Scully (see my icon) is ALWAYS happy to see me no matter what sort of mood I'm in.

Everything seems to be going great at the moment. I'm hoping the bubble doesn't burst, though I fear, with my penchant for bad luck, it will and it probably won't be a trickle but a downpour to rival the Great Flood.

Dr Who: Planet of the Dead was both brilliant and heartbreaking as we were once again reminded at the end that David Tennant's time as #10 is drawing to an end and I'm not ready to say goodbye to him. Don't think I'll ever be ready. Already know that I'm going to be bawling my eyes out during his last Christmas special. I will watch at least the first few eps of next season, just to see how Matt Smith does #11, but I know it won't be anywhere near as good as David, but I hope it's at least watchable as I've really grown to love the whole Whoverse over the last 4 or 5 years.

Also really enjoying House, Lost, 24, Castle, Robin Hood, Legend Of the Seeker.

Must get ready for work. It's a great feeling to actually want to go to my job rather than dreading it and just doing it for the money.


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