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OMG, am loving this show so friggin' much. Every new episode is better than the last. Such a pity it's the final series. Am really going to miss it and the characters.

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Missed posting yesterday. It's been hotter than hell here the last few days with even worse humidity which has just sucked all the energy out of me.  Pretty much got home from work, watched the ep and then fell asleep.

Really liked the episode, loved that Sam was just as gorgeous and BAMF as that promo pic promised.

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Normally I avoid spoilers like the plague but this pic was posted on my twitter feed (multiple times) and I really dodn't mind at all. In fact, I'm so very happy it was as I now have this gorgeous, beautiful image of Sam to stare at and drool over until 12x14 airs next week.

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Pretty good, though, Sam. Smart. Let me tell you, whoever said Dean was the dysfunctional one has never seen you with a sharp object in your hands. Holy Full Metal Jacket.
Trickster, Mystery Spot

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A few thoughts....

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In an episode chock full of amazing scenes, this one is my favourite:
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Can Sam please wear that tight, tight black t-shirt that clings in ALL the right places in an ep soon?? Please? Pretty please??

Everything is pure perfection. His hair, tongue, biceps, playfulness and smile!


Pics by @KelsiSPhoto via Sammyhale's Tumblr

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Can always depend on J2 knowing when we need cheering up and delivering the goods. Thanks, guys!!!!!

YouTube via Jared's FB & Twitter

Vimeo via Jensen's FB & Twitter

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Have watched 12x02 twice and have many, many thoughts which I will write up tomorrow after my 3rd viewing but just wanted... no... NEEDED to post these tonight before I head off to bed.

Wow!!!! Just freakin' frellin' WOW!!!

12x02 spoiler pic )

Don't know what I love more, his gorgeous muscular shoulders and back or the 23 (yeah, I counted 'em!!!) puffy breaths!!

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Always love waking up in the morning to a Twitter TL bursting full of wonderful Jared, Jensen and SPN treats.

I swear I had a religious experience listening to and watching Jared. His soft tone of voice, his expressions-- OMG, when he closes his eyes I just about died!!! and the fact that he obviously knows and loves the poem as he only glances at the book a couple of times.

Someone commented on Twitter that Jared didn't just read his section, he recited it and I agree. It's a wonderful performance.

Jensen was also great. I could listen to him for hours read anything, doesn't matter if it's Poe or the phonebook.

And it's absolutely no surprise at all that they were together when they filmed each part.

Now I normally avoid spoilers but this vid is from the awesome Shaving People Hunting Things who have given us so many fantastic out-take vids in the past The Internet Thinks You're Crazy.

S12 spoilers behind here )

And then there's the Gilmore Girls revival in late November. They just released a little unspoilery featurette with the cast, including Jared (at 0.55) sharing their love of being back in Stars Hollow. And my God!!!! Dean has grown up handsome as hell!!!

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TITLE: Only Mostly Dead
GENRE: Sam POV, gen
RATING: R for show level violence, graphic imagery and language
WARNINGS; Spoilers for 11x17, lots and lots of spoilers
SUMMARY: He fights so hard to live because he doesn't want Dean to die.
A/N: thanks to [livejournal.com profile] adelheide for very thoughtful comments and feedback.

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Honestly didn't realise how much I had missed Mulder and Scully and the Show that was my obsession for over a decade and still holds a very special place in my heart.

They're back! )

Sure to have more thoughts after I do a few re-watches but I'm loving what we got so far and can't wait for the rest of the episodes. Am already wishing we were getting more than 6.
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Well that was interesting. Will take a while and a rewatch or two to digest, I think.

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All the love, all the feels!!!! Season 11 is so fantastic with each new ep as good as the last. Jared and Jensen are just knocking it out of the park and I'm loving the returning characters we've had so far and so looking forward to who we may still get in the 2nd half of the season. Also loving the season arc and big bad, Amara, Sam & Dean's individual plotlines and all the MOTWS. Still having hot flushes every time I watch 11x08 which is daily!!

Have no idea what 11x10 is going to involve but can't wait to find out!!! Jan 20 seems so very very far away. This midseason hellatus is going to be a long and cruel one, me thinks!!

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Loved this. It was so full of fun and awesomeness and heartbreak and Sam! OMG Sam was amazing (thanks to Jared being oh so amazing as well). I think due to how Sam-centric and Sam focussed it was, this ep has knocked off 11x04Baby from being my favourite ep of S11 and it's right up there with my ALL-TIME most favourite ep ever, Mystery Spot so that should tell you just how much I loved and adored it. Like MS, it was pretty much the perfect mix of LOL humour and heartbreaking emotion and superb performances by all the cast, esp Jared and Nate (Sully). So happy to know my Show can still please me to this extent in it's 11th season. May it continue forever!!!

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