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Well, the move went relatively smoothly. I was an hour late for work because the movers turned up 2 1/2 hours late. Spent next two days transporting the dozens of boxes full of books, dvds and other smaller household items. Would have cost me an extra hundred dollars (and time I didn't have to spare) to have movers take them which I just couldn't afford. Took me 2 days to clean the old place. Waiting to hear from the real estate agent to finalise the refund of my bond.

Been slowly working on getting the new place unpacked. Tv/entertainment system was first priority and except for an issue with my indoor antenna and reception, that all went well. Unpacked all my dvd's and sorted them into their shelving units and the house started feeling and looking like my home. Kitchen has been sorted, plenty of cupboard and bench space.

Next up is the two bedrooms, one mine -- so all my clothes are still in boxes and suitcases. The other one has my bookcases and desktop computer which is set up. Still waiting for internet to get connected. Hopefully next Monday at the latest. Am missing Games of Thrones and Outlander and of course reading my LJ f*list and what's happening with y'all. And I can't wait to sink my teeth into the awesome [livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_bigbang that are being posted.

Have my phone to check Facebook, Twitter and email but not a huge data allowance so can't spend too much time online.

Took Sam for our first walk around the neighbourhood this morning and found a massive dog exercise area about 15 mins walk away. It's right next to some bushland which was lovely to stroll through. There are big steep hills on the way home which are going to be great cardio workouts for us. Was breathless after getting home, but am sure the daily walks will improve both mine and Sam's fitness. And the view from the top over the city with the Darling Ranges in the background was breathtaking.

Saw some really beautiful homes, so many wonderful and varied designs and styles, each house totally different to the ones next door. There's quite a few than I want to photograph on future walks as they'll be great inspiration for fics. A couple next to a small park at the end of my street are so gorgeous I want to write fics just so I can include them.

To Do List

Jun. 10th, 2016 04:26 pm
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Spoke briefly with the real estate agent for my new rental and finalised Thurs June 9th to go in and sign the lease, pay the bond and 2 weeks rent in advance and pick up the keys.

Hope to move on that Thursday then clean the current rental on the Friday. Am hoping that since there won't be another tenant moving in (the house is getting bulldozed) that it won't have to be absolutely spotless and that I'll get my bond back quickly. There's no damage, just some marks on a couple of walls that will probably be a bitch to remove.

In the meantime, I have so much to do I don't really know where to start so am hoping a list helps me organise.

-- need to get a move on with sorting and packing. This timing of this move is actually good as lot of my favourite and must-watch TV shows are going on hiatus over the next couple of weeks. Just have to stop procrastinating by reading too many fics.... but I'm finding some really good ones right now, and some amazing authors (all_the_damned_vampires on AO3/[livejournal.com profile] all_the_damned is my current obsession right now-- can't stop reading) so will have to use them as a reward: spend a few hours packing and I can let myself read 1 or 2 fics then back to it!!

-- organise skip bin for the junk. Will have to ring council to book one. Thankfully they provide it for free so that's one thing I don't need to pay for.

-- take boxes of unwanted clothes to the Salvos or Good Samaritans.

-- ring a few 2nd hand bookshops to see if I can sell unwanted books for cash

-- give 21 days notice via email to my current property manager

-- ring ISP and find out what needs to be done to get internet at the new place

-- ring power company to transfer account to my name

-- ring lawnmower guy to do the lawns for the bond inspection

-- find a removalist that doesn't charge too much

-- update address for my car rego and licence-- THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT AS BOTH ARE DUE IN THE NEXT FEW MONTHS

-- update address for work, banks, mobile, vet, insurance

-- update Sam's micro-chip details

-- notify friends and family either by FB or text/phone

Am sure I'm forgetting something -- just hope it's nothing important!!!
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Things are cruising along.

Move date is set for next Thursday, the 9th & removalists have been booked. My dad and step mum are coming over to help (supervising only as Dad just had a pacemaker fitted on Mon- he's doing well and feeling a lot better with a more stable heartrate) as I'll be at the real estate office signing the lease. The moving company have quoted me for 2 hours, so am hoping it doesn't take any longer than that.

Managed to scrape together the bond and moving costs which is a big relief. Picked up 3 extra shifts this week as well, so that's a tiny bit of financial stress relieved too. Am still going to be scraping by pay-to-pay for the next few months but at least I won't be homeless.

Spent the morning online updating my address details with different government departments and utilities. Power, gas and internet transfers have all been organised. Hopefully connections happen on time other wise I'll be in a dark, cold, net-free home. This was pretty easy to do online, no running around or spending hours on hold on the phone.

Packing and sorting is moving along too even though the place is pretty much organised chaos right now, boxes of books and clothes and stuff everywhere but I know what I'm taking, donating or throwing out. Waiting for a big skip/bulk bin to be delivered on Tues or Wed which I'll be using for old furniture and other junk. Have to organise a charity store to pick up the wardrobe I no longer need. Will be sad to see it go as I've had it since I was a very young child and it's about 45 years old but still in great condition but I just have no room for it at the new place plus both bedrooms have built-in closets.

Still have the lounge-room (with shelves and shelves of dvd's to be boxed) and kitchen to pack. Should be done with them over the weekend then I can spend a couple of days getting a head start on cleaning.
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Getting into the sorting and packing this week. Mostly finished the library room, only 2 shelves out of 5 full to over-flowing bookcases left to be packed. Have culled about 1/3 of my collection to be (hopefully) sold to a 2nd hand bookshop chain. Am keeping too many, I know a lot more should go but I just can't seem to do it. I love my books, even though I know I won't read many of them again.

Decluttering is going really well. Feels good to get rid of a lot of junk and rubbish. Took two car loads to the tip's recycling area, 2 old TV's, fridge, 2 microwaves and a few broken and outdated vcr's/dvd players. Still have another free tip pass from the council if I need it but am hoping everything else will fit in the big bulk bin they are providing. But that won't be delivered til just a couple of days before I move.

Removal company booked for 9am. As it's the same morning I'm signing the lease, and I'm working from 4pm that day have asked my dad and step mom to come over and supervise while I'm out. I trust them to keep an eye on things and make sure the removalists do a professional job. Hopefully we can get everything loaded and moved in a couple of hours and with Dad's 4wd, we should be able to fit all the smaller items in our 2 vehicles. Means EVERYTHING will have to be packed by the Wed night and I mean EVERYTHING, clothes, dishes, toiletries, pantry, fridge and freezer cleaned out, washer and drier disconnected, TV's/dvd's/dvr's, computer/printer/modem all unplugged and boxed up. Luckily my bed is just a ensemble mattress in a timber frame that comes apart within minutes. So can take that apart and still sleep on the mattress.

Power company notified. It went better than I'd thought as I still owe the current bill (and can't afford to pay it in full before June 9th with all the moving expenses to be dealt with) and thought they wouldn't connect the new place with that money outstanding. The woman I dealt with was pretty good (despite me being frustrated by the endless red-tape) and has given me an extension until the middle of July, giving me a little bit of breathing space. She still wants me to pay anything I can off the bill but I'm not in any danger of having power disconnected here or not connected at the new house.

Transferring my Internet account is turning into a game of dominos. I can't get mine transferred until my friend vacates the property on the 2nd because it will cut off her internet service. She can't transfer hers until the outgoing tenant at her new place disconnects theirs. So have to ring back on the 3rd and get the transfer started then. Hoping it won't take the 10-14 days quoted but I will be able to cope without internet for a few days. Have a fairly good data plan on my mobile phone so I can still check FB, twitter and LJ. Luckily, most of my shows go on hiatus this week and of those still airing I can wait a week or to download without dying. Maybe I'll take advantage of being off the 'net to catch up on writing. Am really missing working on my fics.
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After a very, very stressful 5 1/2 days of nearly tearing my hair out, of sending emails and calling the agents office and leaving messages, I just heard back from the property manager to say that the duplex is mine!!!!

Still have to go over details, when I move in, length of lease (hopefully at least 12 months), etc but it's like a huge weight has been lifted off my chest and my mind. Had actually been feeling quite ill this morning with the waiting and not knowing.

I will miss this place though. It's been home for me and Scully and now Sam for the last 10 years. I'll miss being able to walk him from home to the parks along the river. Will still drive Sam to his favourite spots so he can go swimming but it won't be the same as being able to walk there. I have already worked out longer walks we can take on both sides of the river that will still give Sam plenty of off-lead exercise. There are two bridges a few kms apart that we can use to cross the river safely. It should be 3 or 4km circuit.

It was also here that I discovered what would quickly become my all-time favourite fandom, my addiction and my obsession--- SUPERNATURAL. Can't quite believe I'll be in another home barely a week after the season 11 finale.

So now I can concentrate on getting my current place sorted out and packed up. There is a hell of a lot to be done as I really want to declutter and get rid of a lot of the stuff I've either dragged from previous rentals or acquired in the 10 years (10 friggin' years!!!!!) I've been here. Have bookcases full of books that I will need to sort through and decide which ones I can bare to part with. 90% of them I haven't touched since putting them there, so they should really go to other homes where they'll be used and read and appreciated. Plus if I can get some money for them that I really need right now, then that will make it easier let them go.

Back before CDs and DVDs and the internet I was a compulsive and voracious reader. Wasn't unusual for me to spend a couple of hundred dollars in one visit to a bookstore. Eased off over the years since to focus on buying DVD's but I haven't lost my love of sitting down with a new novel by a favourite author and getting lost in the worlds they create.

I know which authors and books I won't be getting rid: Stephen King, Diana Gabaldon, Laurell K Hamilton, Harry Potter for starters. All my X-Files, Farscape and SPN books, season companions, novels, reference books, full sets of Quantum Leap and original BSG novels. Autobiographies of a lot of my favourite actors and musicians. I may not read them again but they are so dear to me that I just can't get rid of them.
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Emailed the agent as I hasn't heard from her by close of business today. She replied saying she has been very busy and out of the office all day and apologised for the delay and oh she will give me an answer on Monday!!!!!

WHAT THE EVER-LOVING-FUCK????? I do not want to have to wait another 3 days to find out if I have a house to move into. The longer she takes the more it makes me think she's going to reject my application and I will have to endure the added stress of finding somewhere else.

All I want to do right now is cry!!!!
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A property on the other side of the road and only a couple houses down from mine has had a For Lease sign at the front for quite a few weeks now and the previous tenants moved out ages ago.

So on my way home from walkies with Sam, I decided to call the listed agent, not expecting it to be in my very tight budget but just curious how much it was renting for. Would really love to stay in the area (because of the closeness to the river) but never thought I would be able to afford it. It's the front house on a block with 3 dwellings, with nearly no back yard. Previous tenants had a couple of dogs but they were kept in a closed in and covered front yard, don't think they ever were allowed inside even when we had bad weather.

Anyways, the property has only just been leased in the last couple of days so it's off the list but the real kicker is that it was rented for $350/week, in my budget and what I'd be paying if I get my friend's place. So I literally had a potential rental within a minute's walk and may have gotten it had I made the call right after getting notice to vacate a week ago.

Oh well!!! That's karma, I suppose. At least it gives me hope that if I don't get friends place, I can at least keep looking around here and not be priced out (cross fingers).
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No word yet on the Dianella house my friend is vacating. She and her boyfriend have secured another rental so that's good news at least. Still have fingers crossed and praying.

Took Sam to vet this morning for his heartworm injection & vaccinations. Left over $250 poorer. :-/ But it's for my baby's well being so he's worth every cent. Also found out he has infected ears (probably from all his swimming in the river which he loves so much) and has to be sedated on Monday to have them flushed out before he can start on a course of antibiotics and there goes another few hundred dollars!!!! Wish I could put it off until after the move but it's causing him discomfort and I can't bear to see him like that so it needs to be done ASAP.

I really need to win lotto. That 20K a month for 20 years would do very nicely right now!!!


Arrrggggggghhhhhh, this is pure torture!!! Every email that comes or text message, I'm wondering is this the ONE??? Have I got the duplex or not??? Was told I'd be notified by close of business today (Friday) so only have about 4 more hours of being a nervous wreck I hope.

Off to take Sam for his walkies (but no swimming alas) to try and take my mind off my house and money woes. Will take my mobile with me so I don't miss the agent's call.

Wish me luck cos I certainly need it right now!!!!
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and it's all good news!!!!

My friend has contacted her property manager and they are ok with me taking over her lease. Just have to fill out the usual paperwork and start saving the $1400 I'll need to cover the bond + extra for moving costs, getting internet connected and utilities transferred over to my name.

Still can't believe this has happened so quick!! Now I can concentrate on packing and getting rid of stuff that I don't want or need anymore.
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It's amazing how one bit of completely out of the blue luck can turn your whole day around.

Just received notice in an email this morning to vacate the rental I've called home for the last 10 years as the owners want to 'develop' the property ie: tear it down and cram multiple units/villas on the 1/4 acre block. It's happening all along the street. My block is one of the last with only 1 dwelling on it, so I knew it was going to happen here eventually, especially since they put me on a periodical lease at the beginning of the year.

Have until August 3rd July 6th (agent screwed up :-/ ) to move out, so have just 2 months to find somewhere else but am still pretty stressed and upset. I really like this house and love the area, being so close to the river that Sam loves to visit and swim in every time we go walkies.

Plus, I know it's going to be very tough to find another place I can afford that's pet-friendly as there is no way in hell that I'll go somewhere I can't have Sam.

One silver lining, I guess, is that I can get rid of a lot of stuff I've accumulated over the last 10 years.


Posted this earlier on FB and one of my best friends commented that she is moving end of June/early July and would I like to take over her lease?? The rent is within my pretty tight budget (only $40/week more than what I'm paying) Plus she has a dog, so we know the property and owners are pet friendly. She's in a really nice little place with a small secure yard that I know Sam is going to love. It's in a suburb a few kms further away from work (but that's no hassle) and not near the river that Sam and I love to walk along every day but we can drive there so not a hassle either. And I'm sure I'll find places to walk him and hopefully a dog exercise area pretty close too.

So am crossing fingers and toes and every other body part that I can that this move works out. My friend is moving in with her boyfriend, so am also hoping she doesn't break up with him and want to stay where she is. And even if I didn't need her place, I'm still really happy for her that she's met someone and things are moving forward for them both.

Trying not to get my hopes up as I know the place isn't mine yet. Don't know if she's given notice yet or if the agents have listed it and will want to investigate other tenant applications but this has just come at the perfect time and I really want everything to go smoothly.
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To say it's been a rollercoaster couple of weeks is the understatement of this and every single millennium that has ever been or will ever be. Lost my job, lost the little villa I was on the verge of buying, but found another job with better pay and superannuation and less hours in less than a week.

With absolutely no previous experience or qualifications I snagged a job as a console operator at a local service (gas) station. Been training this week and really enjoying it as it's totally different from the courier driving I've done for the last 20 years. I actually have to use my brain which is a very refreshing change from the almost robotic chore driving had become over the last couple of years. I'm meeting lots of new people and learning lots of new skills and the ladies I work with are really great, very friendly and understanding to the point of explaining things and procedures as many times as I need them to. Some things, such as the cash register stuff, came really easy as it's pretty much all computerised. Other things, such as the tallying up and reporting at the end of shift and end of day and the closing precedures took a fair bit longer to sink in.

But the biggest challenge is yet to come. Starting on Saturday, I'll be doing the 1pm-9pm shift solo. Thanks to the great training that I've been given, I'm pretty confident that I can handle the responsibility that comes with basically running the service station on my own. Di (who has been training me) and Sue (our boss) are only a phone call away and Di has said she'll even come in towards the end of my shift just to see how I'm going and if I need a hand with anything which is really sweet of her.

Other good news this week is that my Farscape 10th annversary t-shirt arrived from the US. Tried it on straight away and it fits perfectly and looks fantastic.

Taking the train down to Mandurah tomorrow to visit my dad and step-mum. They leave for a 12 month caravan trip around Australia in early May, so it might be my last chance to see them before they leave. Will miss them heaps but hope they have a great trip.
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Interviewed by sunkrux

1) Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me!"
2) I will respond by asking you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3) You will post the answers to the questions (and the questions themselves) on your blog or journal.
4) You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5) When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions. And thus the endless cycle of the meme goes on and on and on and on...

1 - How'd an Aussie like you get into Farscape, since it really wasn't shown down under? ;) 

A US scaper on an David Duchovny/ X-Files list I was on had mentioned the show a few times and when it was cancelled she was rather distraught. A tv station in Aus had just started showing season 3 late at night with next to no publicity. (This is the same station that showed season 1 at the same time a little known sporting event called the 2000 Olympic Games was taking place in Sydney.) It sounded like a interesting show. I'd heard of it before but had dismissed it as a kid's show because of Henson's involvement and the use of muppets.

We got chatting and I told her I'd give it a go. Had it on just in the background while I was on the computer, but it didn't really grab my interest. Told her the guy in black leather (Crichton) was kinda cute 
 but that was about it. She said I had to watch Different Destinations and if I still wasn't getting into it, then she'd stop trying to 'scape me. So I turned off the computer and watched DD with no distractions and within 10 mins I was 'scaped. It's a brilliant episode and the ending, even 6 years and many, many re-watches later, is still as heartbreaking and shocking as the first time I saw it. As soon as it was over, I was online searching for other Aussie fans in the hope of getting episodes of the first 2 seasons. Within a couple of days, I'd hooked up with a lovely bunch of local scapers who supplied me videos of eps (I didn't even have a dvd player at that stage). Watched all of season 2 in one marathon session over a weekend. We've traveled to Sydney a couple of times for Farscape cons and still meet up for lunch every 6-8 weeks.

2 - How scared are you about buying your first home? (congrats btw)

Completely UtterlyTerrified. Have had many sleepless nights and angst filled days and it's still not over.  I had thought I'd received final approval on Monday, only to find out today that yet another section of the govt finance  department has to give the loan their tick of approval which will probably take another couple of weeks.  It feels as if I'm on a rollercoaster with all the stomach-churning emotions to match.
I don't have any regrets though as I'm paying not much less in rent each week and at least I'll be paying off my own mortgage, not someone else's.
I just want all the frellin' red tape and crap to be over and done with, get packing and move on in.

3 - What is your favorite comfort food?

mashed potato with lots of butter and lemon pepper

4 - What is your favorite childhood tv show?

The original Battlestar Galactica. Starbuck (Dirk Benedict) was my first tv crush.

5 - If you won tons of money, as in enough to never have to work again, would you quit work?

Hell yeah!!!!! At least for a few years in which I would travel to every place I've always wanted to visit and attend heaps of cons all over the planet. I would probably go back to work at some stage and enjoy it a lot more as I wouldn't be relying on the wage to put a roof over my head and food on the table.
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Hadn't heard anything from Keystart, the govt finance company I'm getting my house loan through, by yesterday arvo so gave them a ring and found out that my loan is all but approved. Yippppppppppeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! A few minor details still have to be finalised, such as the percentage the govt is going to contribute, which will be less than the original 20% seeing as I'm borrowing a lot less than my credit limit, about $30,000 less. Which means I'll owe less to the govt and be able to buy their share sooner.

And yet, it still doesn't seem real that I'm actually buying my very own home. Maybe once the finance is completely approved and contracts signed and the settlement date agreed upon it will start to sink in. Until then it seems like I'm stuck in a sort of limbo.

Can't even get motivated to continue the cleaning and sorting of the place I'm renting now so the agents can show new tennants through in a couple of weeks. Have done the office where my computer is, but that's it...... a pretty poor effort. Should get started on the master bedroom, but decided this morning to go to the footy this afternoon instead. It's a charity match between my beloved West Coast Eagles and our home town rivals the Fremantle Dockers with money going to the Victorian Bushfires appeals. Because I'm not  a WCE member and their home-and-away matches always sell-out, this will be my only chance this year to see my boys live in action.
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Thanks to the above mentioned GFC I have bought myself my very first home, a gorgeous little 2 bedroom villa in a suburb of my home town that I've always wanted to live in, but never dreamed of being able to afford, short of winning the lottery. And it's only a street away from the Swan River where my dog Scully and I love going to walk and swim almost every day. Didn't think I'd ever be able to afford my own home anywhere and would be stuck renting and paying off someone else's mortgage for the rest of my life.

In order to stimulate the economy and hopefully prevent the country going into recession, the Australian federal govt increased a first home owner's grant to $14,000 which goes towards my deposit and legal/ settlement fees. But the best help came from my state government setting up a shared equity scheme, where I'd only have to borrow 80% of the property purchase price then buy the other 20% of the govt's share in the future.

The icing on the cake came this week with a 1% interest  rate cut which increased my borrowing limit by $30,000, enabling me to put an offer on the Bassendean villa which was previously $3000 more than I could borrow before the interest rate cut. 

Everything seems to be moving at light speed. Had only been house hunting for 1 weekend when I found the villa. Had a look through it after work on Wednesday, put in the offer on Friday and heard from the real estate agent just after lunch  yesterday (Sat) that my offer had been accepted and the villa is now mine. Well almost mine. Have to wait for the govt to give final finance approval which could take 4-6 weeks. Crossing fingers and toes and every other body part that everything goes smoothly. If it does then I should be in my new home by the end of April.

 A few piccies:

My new home, 'Moya'

A large grassed common area in the middle of the complex of 14 villas. My villa is on the end to the left of the tree.

The kitchen and dining areas looking towards the rear of the villa


The little ( and I mean little) lounge room at the front of the villa



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