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I'll be staying here as I have a paid account for the next year or so. Plus, I love my LJ too much and can't bare the thought of leaving.

I do have a DW as vyperdd and will be taking time this weekend to find y'all over there and to make it a bit more pretty.

I'll be using DW mainly as a back-up. My main issue is that none of my pics, or twitter embeds show up there and I don't know if I have the energy and patience to go and re-upload/recode each and every post. If anyone knows of an easy way of doing this, then please let me know!!
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Anyone else seeing FEED PROMOS (posts in Cyrillic script) on their friends page?? I'm still using the old version so don't know if they are also on the new version. I also have a PAID account so there aren't supposed to be any ads on my LJ.

A drop down link ('why I am seeing this?') leads to this LJ FAQ support page :

Promo in Feed is a new format for promoting entries, goods and services in other users' Friends Feed. It is available for purchasing for Cyrillic users.

More importantly how do I block the damn things? I do not want my friends page full of spam.
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When I open an LJ entry to comment or read comments, there are little blue rotating circles under each REPLY link.

What is happening????
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After stressing out big time that I may have trouble paying my rent (without resorting to the dreaded credit card, something I've never had to do in 20 years of renting and something I'll do pretty much anything to avoid) due to my hours being cut to 2 shifts a week, I've just picked up an extra 16 hours in relief shifts this week. Add to the 7 hour shift I did overnight on about 20 mins notice, then my pay packet for the coming fortnight is looking a lot more healthy.

In other happy news, this is quickly becoming one of my favourite SPN coms, [livejournal.com profile] spn_on_parade. The wonderful and varied adventures of our boys never fails to make me smile and usually LOL and with the above mentioned stress, I've needed a lot of both lately.

Plus I'm loving the massive random postings of the last couple of days. Great to see everyone chipping in and sharing little snippets of wonderful

Fandom and my amazing LJ f*list: I luvs ya heaps.


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