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It's been 487 days since my last Padahug (J2-day at PasadenaCon, Nov 2015) Still can't quite get my head around the fact that in just another 50 days, I'll be getting more hugs from Jared. At this stage and budget allowing, hopefully 3 of them: Jared solo, J2 squishy sandwich and the Winchester Family pic with J2, Matt and Amy. The WF pic I may be splitting/sharing with my best friend as it's quite pricey ($350-- that's a week's rent for me)
I cannot wait for May 6 to get here already, to see Jared in person again, his beautiful smile and awesome laugh and gorgeously playful antics with Jensen during their panels. And of course his hair, all soft and shiny and simply glorious. And Hellatus!Scruff, too!!!
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Damn it, Padalecki!!!! Stop being so adorable!!!

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Saw this on Twitter:

My response:

Am forever grateful that Jared doesn't have what seems to be the Hollywood standard short back & sides/buzzcut. His beautiful flowing, layered locks are almost ARE a character in their own right.

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Season 8 is still my favourite SamHair. Looks so gloriously soft. Just wanna run my fingers through it.


Love the lighting they used during the Amelia flashbacks. Makes Sam look even more beautiful!

I remember how crazy fandom went when we saw The Ponytail!! Think we'll explode if we ever get Sam with a man-bun.

Wish we got more of scruffy bed-head hair because I love it so much. So fucking sexy!!!!
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For [livejournal.com profile] amypond45 Let's worship the PadaHair together. It's even prettier in this panel (if that's possible!!)

Jared's Saturday panel at RioCon 2012

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OMG, those Brazilian fans are f*cking insane and noisy!!! but I love how blown away they are by Jared. So awesome to see (and hear!!!!) him getting so much love and admiration and squeals of pure delight. Miss him doing solo panels where the focus is 100% on him!

So much to love about this con vid. The hair, that tight white t-shirt (one layer FTW!!!) He just looks freaking amazing!!!! So fit and healthy and happy!!

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OMG!!! OMG!!! O!!!M!!!G!!!

ETA: the video Jared posted on Facebook March 12th, 2016. The glorious hair reveal is at about 7.30.

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Jared and hats/headwear. I admit I'm not a fan of the beanie, even though I think Jared looks kinda cute in them. I think it has a lot to do with covering up that glorious, shiny, sweat-damp, wavy mass of a mane of which I'm a very, very big fan!!! Beware!!! Too much hotness lies beyond )
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A favourite pic. Love the hair and the scarf and his smile and his eyes.

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Oh my!!!!! Too gorgeous for words!!!

Starts praying that it doesn't get cut or even trimmed before he starts filming Season 12. This is the best it's looked since the glorious Season 8 hair.

Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] casey28 at Jared - Jibcon 2016
Beautiful Jared and his magical hair♥

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And our boys blow me away once again. This is one of the most awesome vids they've gifted to us so far. We often hear from guest stars about how light and fun it is work on SPN and that's it all due to Jared and Jensen and the amazing set atmosphere they create but it's even more wonderful to actually see it, to witness them goofing around and so obviously enjoying themselves and the reactions of their very lucky guests.

OMG, the butt slap, the smoothing of the PadaHair (there's my dream job right there!!!) the expressions on Jensen's face which pretty much would be mine if I was there, Jared's "Don't stare!" and then background action is called and the boys compose themselves and we capture the transformation from Jared and Jensen to Sam and Dean. Truly stunning!!

I feel so honoured to be allowed to see BTS snippets like this. They don't have to let us see them but they do because they really do love us. I don't follow any other show as obsessively as SPN so I have no idea if this happens in other fandoms or is it unique to our little 11 year old show. Are we just that lucky and blessed to have J2 all to ourselves??

All the other Shaving People Punting Things vids by the wonderful SPN post production team:



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