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Am writing the ending of my [livejournal.com profile] spnspringfling fic first because it is all in my head right now and it is beyond anything I thought I could ever imagine or ever be good enough to write and it's coming out perfectly, better than what I see in my head (and that almost NEVER happens-- it's usually brilliant in my mind and shit on the screen) and I have tears streaming down my face. I'm crying!!! I can't believe I'm crying. I rarely cry when reading fics and NEVER when writing them but I AM CRYING!!!!!
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For the first time ever, I asked for another assignment and couldn't be happier with the new prompts. I'm actually incorporating elements from all of them as they all have a similar tone.

I have written the first couple of lines and have heaps of other snippets and bits of dialogue and images both in my head and as notes on my phone. I have a sort of rough idea of what I want to write, just waiting for the details to present themselves. I even know how I want it to end but have a feeling that the characters might not co-operate.
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In a fit of equal parts boredom and dying to be creative and a little splash of crazy, I signed up for [livejournal.com profile] hc_bingo February Amnesty round and here is my card!! I love it! All 3 prompts are just delicious and I can't wait to start writing. Now I just have to decide whether to write Sam/Dean or J2 and which juicy prompt I want to include as my Wild Card. So many to choose from, so many favourite kinks & fantasies.....

WILD CARD forced to rely on enemy / rival
slaves suicide attempt
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Well, the move went relatively smoothly. I was an hour late for work because the movers turned up 2 1/2 hours late. Spent next two days transporting the dozens of boxes full of books, dvds and other smaller household items. Would have cost me an extra hundred dollars (and time I didn't have to spare) to have movers take them which I just couldn't afford. Took me 2 days to clean the old place. Waiting to hear from the real estate agent to finalise the refund of my bond.

Been slowly working on getting the new place unpacked. Tv/entertainment system was first priority and except for an issue with my indoor antenna and reception, that all went well. Unpacked all my dvd's and sorted them into their shelving units and the house started feeling and looking like my home. Kitchen has been sorted, plenty of cupboard and bench space.

Next up is the two bedrooms, one mine -- so all my clothes are still in boxes and suitcases. The other one has my bookcases and desktop computer which is set up. Still waiting for internet to get connected. Hopefully next Monday at the latest. Am missing Games of Thrones and Outlander and of course reading my LJ f*list and what's happening with y'all. And I can't wait to sink my teeth into the awesome [livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_bigbang that are being posted.

Have my phone to check Facebook, Twitter and email but not a huge data allowance so can't spend too much time online.

Took Sam for our first walk around the neighbourhood this morning and found a massive dog exercise area about 15 mins walk away. It's right next to some bushland which was lovely to stroll through. There are big steep hills on the way home which are going to be great cardio workouts for us. Was breathless after getting home, but am sure the daily walks will improve both mine and Sam's fitness. And the view from the top over the city with the Darling Ranges in the background was breathtaking.

Saw some really beautiful homes, so many wonderful and varied designs and styles, each house totally different to the ones next door. There's quite a few than I want to photograph on future walks as they'll be great inspiration for fics. A couple next to a small park at the end of my street are so gorgeous I want to write fics just so I can include them.
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It's called 'we two alone will sing like birds i' th' cage' by [livejournal.com profile] de_nugis and it's shot straight to the top of my list of favourite fics.

Go and read and weep and shower her with all the love and then, if you survive, come back and read my spoiler-filled gushing praise.

the gleam of bone at his knees and knuckles )
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Just logged into my email and I see my assignment for [livejournal.com profile] spnspringfling has arrived!!!!! Yay!! \0/ \0/

Scurries off to open said email with baited breath.....

..... and I'm back and my insta-reaction was "Oh Boy!" :-) :-/ :-) This is certainly going to be a challenge!!! which I suppose is the whole idea!!!

A little disappointed that I didn't get my OTP :-(

Any pairing could fit with any prompt and a couple or three 'ideas' & 'maybe's' &'what if?' scenarios are already starting to swirl through my brain, though I definitely favour 2 of the pairings. The 3rd I have no idea even where to begin as it's not one I would ever even think about writing, even though I love both characters.

Think I'm going to have to sleep on this one and see what pops up in my crazy subconscious.

Hope everyone got their dream pairings and amazing prompts to work with. I can't wait to read all the fantastic fic and drool over the beautiful art that this challenge always produces.
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Was about 500 words in doing a fill for [livejournal.com profile] spn_masquerade and no I'm not saying which prompt :p and my laptop froze. Couldn't even copy the text to paste into another doc and I didn't think to write it out longhand before I did the only thing I could -- a cold reboot.

Now I have to try to recreate what I had written and I just know it's not going to be as good. Oh well, lesson learnt, I suppose.

On a slightly happier note-- Welcome back Windows 7!!!! I have missed you so much and am so, so sorry for dumping you for that awful Windows 10 upgrade. Will promise to never do that again!!!
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My [livejournal.com profile] spnspringfling gift has FINALLY been posted and it's everything I had hoped and wished for only multiplied by infinity. It's as if my amazing & wonderful mystery author has been peeking into my very darkest fantasies and dreams and has written the most perfect fic I have ever read.

It's super, super dark with absolutely spot-on and in-character portrayals of both Sam and Dean. Everything I love about Sam is here; his strength, bravery and willingness to suffer and endure to help others and, most of all, his never-ending trust in his big brother, his unconditional & amazing love for Dean. My heart broke for him in nearly every paragraph.

And Dean. Oh, Dean!!! Despite what he's become and what he does, he's still recognizably Dean and I just want to wrap my arms around him and never let go.

It had me hooked and breathless from the very first sentence, squirming through most of the middle and in tears by the end. And yet I wanted more, I wanted it to never end. I want to live in the world my author has created for ever, despite (no, probably BECAUSE) of how everything hurts so, so much.

Ok, I'll shut up now except to say go and read this fic and lavish the author with all the praise you can.
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LJ put my (joke/fake) location (in the gutter... and lovin' it!!!) in my last post as a link to Google Maps so of course I just HAD to click on it and it goes to a place in Brooklyn, NY called The Gutter, a bowling alley and bar. Can just imagine Sam'n'Dean hanging out here, discussing their current case. Dean getting very tipsy (can he get drunk anymore??) and flirting with all the female bartenders and of course the gorgeous guys as well. Sam bowling strike after perfect strike and being flirted with/hit on by just about everybody, making Dean extremely jealous and very possessive/dominant. The boys hustling folks like they do with pool, going back to the motel and rolling in their winnings as Dean fucks Sam's brains out.

Wow, is it getting hot in here????
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Just got my email from the [livejournal.com profile] spnspringfling mods and I squeeled and I haven't even opened it yet. Please, please let it be all the pairings I love and let the prompts be ones that inspire lots and lots of great ideas.

OK, here we go.... wish me luck f*listies.... tabs to Live Mail and clicks on email....

OMFG.......... these are perfect!!!!!!! my top 2 OTP's are listed as pairings and all the prompts give me something to work with that I can see going in a variety of directions. 1 has immediately jumped up and is screaming "PICK ME!! PICK ME" Doesn't mean that's the one I'll do but it's encouraging to know I probably won't be stressing out trying to choose one.

Oh just had a flurry of thoughts about the pairing and when to set it and a very rough plot outline and I wanna start writing straight away and I can because I'm on holidays, so no work for the next week. With all the money I've just spent on AHBL tickets, I'm too broke to go anywhere so am literally housebound. The timing couldn't be better!!!
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Just started working again on my fic for the [livejournal.com profile] samdean_otp mini-bang and read through what I'd already written for the second chapter. It's a shower scene that has been giving me lots of trouble, sounding perfect in my head and crap as I type it up. A note at the top says it needs a major re-write and yet when I read it today, I actually liked it. I liked it a lot. Sure it still needs some minor tweaking to smooth things out, but it's a lot better than I had previously thought. Have even worked out how to include a bit of background info and a flashback or two.

I LOVE writing right now!!!!
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So, [livejournal.com profile] alexisjane wanted drabble prompts. I supplied one and what she did with it absolutely blew my mind. Check out all the others as well. They are all simply brilliant.

My prompt: Sam & Crowley-- can be gen or slash, fluffy or dark. Your choice.

Crowley finally responds to Sam's summoning in 923. Sam's not there to deal. He's there to......???? What does Sam do and how does Crowley react????

Her response here.


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