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Up #1 was definitely the return of SPN and our boys knocked it out of the park. Watched it with [livejournal.com profile] ratfan and loved it so, so much. What an awesome season opener, emotional and gripping and scary.

SPN 12x01 spoilers )

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apologies for the cursing and capslock but........

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Will definitely have more to say after a rewatch or ten but for now....


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Bit of a downer after the last few which I really liked. I did enjoy it, I guess but there was so much that I didn't enjoy at the same time. Might find some more positives in a rewatch or two and after reading some reactions on my f*list but right now, it's pretty much a "was ok, but could have been so so much better" ep for me.

Not so happy thoughts lie beyond )
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] cherie_morte on twitter for the heads up on this beautifully heart-wrenching 'Red Meat' vid.

Source: GreenCircles on Youtube

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Just go.

Read 354 words of heartbreak.


Then beg for more!

Sammy Hurts by DunWithThis on A03

Smmary: Sam pretends Dean doesn't hurt him, that his relationship with Castiel isn't slowly tearing his mind and soul apart. But it is.
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All the love, all the feels!!!! Season 11 is so fantastic with each new ep as good as the last. Jared and Jensen are just knocking it out of the park and I'm loving the returning characters we've had so far and so looking forward to who we may still get in the 2nd half of the season. Also loving the season arc and big bad, Amara, Sam & Dean's individual plotlines and all the MOTWS. Still having hot flushes every time I watch 11x08 which is daily!!

Have no idea what 11x10 is going to involve but can't wait to find out!!! Jan 20 seems so very very far away. This midseason hellatus is going to be a long and cruel one, me thinks!!

Behind here be spoilers )

SPN 10x22

May. 14th, 2015 01:24 pm
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This is gonna be a rambling mess because it's been 20 minutes and I'm still shaking and sobbing and all that's running through my mind right now is.....
NSFW language and lots of it and spoilers lies beneath )

SPN 10x16

Mar. 29th, 2015 03:20 pm
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Some pretty pics and a thinky thought or two.....

Not one of my favourite eps this season but there were some things that I really, really loved so am going to focus on the good stuff.

Spoilers for 1016 )

Spoilers for 1017 20 second promo clip )

All screencaps by me. Who knew capping was so easy?? I didn't, other wise I would have done it sooner.
Dialogue quotes from the Supernatural Wiki

SPN 10x04

Oct. 29th, 2014 12:10 pm
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Well that was a whole lotta fun!!!!!

Spoilers ahead )

That's it for now but I suspect I'll have more thoughts to share after I rewatch a few more times.
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Day 12- Scariest episode:

Another tough question )
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As a follow up to my last post about my issues about Sam getting the short end of the stick when it comes to interacting and connecting with characters other than Dean, I came across something that sums up my feelings perfectly, both in regards to Sam being always on the outside and to what I see as an unwillingness, if not outright, refusal of SOME -- (not all, but definitely more than a few) Dean/Jensen fans to understand why us Sam fans are upset about how the writers have treated (and in our eyes-- ignored) Sam over the years.

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Never thought I would write a post like this about my all-time favourite show and current obsession. Hopefully it's a 1 time thing and that I'm back to joining in all the fandom-wide love and happy feels from next week

No pretty here... Enter at own risk )

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Holy frellin' frell!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! OMG! OMfrellin'G

Sorry, that's all I got right now. I am still shaking with emotion and shock and love for Sam and severe, severe dislike of Dean right now.

I always thought Dean couldn't do anything more horrible to Sam than lying to his face, going behind his back to kill Amy and then continuing to lie about it for weeks after. That and letting Sam shoulder all the guilt for starting the apocalypse even after Dean found that he broke the first seal. I was wrong!!!!! What Dean did in this ep, the fake text from Amelia, and not showing the least scrap of remorse about it is lower than low. Sam doesn't deserve to be treated so terribly and all to protect a vampire who is clearly falling off the wagon.

I think I have just watched my favourite ep of the season so far and possibly of the whole series. If not my fav, then definitely in my top 3.

The next 6 weeks are going to be pure torture waiting for Jan 19 and seeing how this goes and what Sam does and what Dean does and how they can possibly recover from this. Fandom is gonna be a very interesting place to be over the next month.

Didn't think I could possibly love this show and our boys any more than I already do, but I do, damnit!!!!!
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And I love you for it.............
I am so proud of Sam finally standing up to Dean!!! Reminds me of early series Sam, back in season 1, assertive and strong and unapologetic.

And wow, that last scene. The tension between them was palpable. The things that were said by both Sam and Dean aren't going to be forgotten or forgiven anytime soon. The boys needed to get things off their chest and, man, did it hurt both them and us watching it, but I cross fingers it'll be for the best in the long run.

Best lines: Sam- " Burn a Confederate soldier's bones in a town full of rednecks? Sure." Heheheheeeee

Dean's "We won." LOL

Loved the Sam/Amelia flashbacks we got. We are finally getting a good look into Sam's headspace in the weeks and months after Dean's disappearance and I'm liking Amelia more each time we see her. I didn't feel pity for her, I felt sadness and sympathy.

Loved Garth in this ep as well. Like Sam, he is growing on me. Really liked how they sprinkled in his back-story through out the ep. Going to college, becoming a dentist leading to his first hunt killing the tooth-fairy, going to civil war re-enactments. And taking over some of Bobby's duties as a way of honouring him was well done too. Glad he sort of stood up to Dean as well.

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Not much to say about 8:04 aside from:

#1 the fact that Ghostfacers is STILL my least favourite episode of Supernatural. This one is probably in my bottom 5, though. It may improve a bit on rewatch and reading other fans reactions/thoughts but, I'm thinking not much. Still out of over 150 episodes there are bound to be some clunkers and even the worse of SPN is still a lot better than some other shows.

#2 way, way too little Sam and Dean though I did really enjoy every little scrap that we did get. Esp this early in the season when we still know so very little about Sam and Dean's year apart and fandom is screaming for answers to explain why Sam and Dean are acting like they are and so it sucked that we spent a whole ep on outside characters that we will never see again. I may have liked it more if it was shown later in the season.

#3 More than once, I was wondering if Sam and Dean were as bored as I was watching the vid and tempted to fast-forwarded through a lot of the non Sam'n'Dean scenes.

#4 Would have loved to see Sam and Dean's reaction to the couple of office bromance mentions. Instead we get Dean zeroing on the "Do we really say awesome" bit.

#5 Not really on board with them letting Kate go at the end. Dean was more than willing to kill the ruguru back in season 4 on the likely chance it would kill a human, but here he's okay with giving Kate a chance to only kill anything "not human"? Which means at least 1 human will have to die or be seriously injured before they'll take Kate out. Just doesn't seem to gel with how they handled the whole Amy thing from last season.

#6 We see that Dean is still having to convince Sam to hunt, which is a nice bit of continuity.

Oh well, as Robert Singer in "The French Mistake" was so fond of saying.... "Season 8, moving on."

Even without watching the promo, from vibes and hints I've picked up looks like next week's episode is going to be Dean-heavy/Sam-lite. Am dying to get more Sam flashbacks but guess I'm going to have wait a bit longer. Sometimes it's really hard being a Sam!girl. I love Dean and seeing him be all BAMF in purgatory but at this point I'm way more interested in finding out lots more about Sam and Amelia and how they hooked up and why they broke up. I was hoping we would be getting pretty much equal story-time spent on both brothers.

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Saw this tweet from @clarissa373 and my heart broke more than a little. Not because of the article which I haven't read as I don't want to be spoiled but from the (over) reaction it's apparently garnered from some corners of our wide-ranging, diverse and amazingly passionate fandom.

I know there have always been and will always be fights and flame-wars between different parts of fandom (Samgirls vs Deangirls, Wincester's vs Destiel) but it seems to be getting worse and more over the top. This is one more reason I try to stay as spoiler free as possible. So I can avoid all the fan-wanking and fights that seem to come with even the most vague spoilers. 

Blanket statement re: Castiel & Dean - if, perchance, you've read my recent Misha spoiler article (http://www.tvovermind.com/supernatural/supernatural-spoilers-misha-collins-reveals-castiel-fate/#comment-356401) please do not jump to conclusions about Castiel and Dean fighting or not speaking or whatever other assumption you might make just because I happened to write that Castiel and Sam might spend a little time together.

First, the two of them have had a rocky relationship, so there's hardly anything wrong with spending some time together. Second, Misha and Jared really wanted an opportunity to riff on each other in good fun. Third, Misha spoke about Sam because we happened to ask him something akin to "if Cas is jealous of Benny [which we know since it's previously been published], then might he spend any time with Sam?" It's a perfectly innocent question born out of an established dislike between characters (Castiel and Benny). Misha specifically said they had only just started to explore any dynamic between Sam and Castiel. That HARDLY means they're going to run off into the sunset together and forget all about Dean, Amelia and/or the dog.

There's no adverse Dean & Castiel conclusions to be made here. And it hardly means that Dean is going to be written off the show or SPN will become the Castiel/Sam variety hour (although that might actually be amusing). What happens with them or any other friendships is up to everyone - including me - to see.

So, it seems to me from what Clarissa has written here and reading some of the comments, that the Dean/Cas fans are upset, (jealous even) at the thought of Sam, (one of the 2 lead characters) having 1 or possibly more scenes alone with another major character that has been on the show for 4 seasons and who played such a significant part in Sam's storyline. That it will suddenly turn into the Sam/Cas show with Dean on the sidelines or even (gasp) written out of show!!!!

Funny thing is, I seem to recall all of these same fears coming from Sam-fans when Cas was introduced in season 4. The more things change, the more they stay the same, huh? And now, with Benny as Dean's new BFF & substitute brother, some Cas and Sam fans are feeling left out and having to commiserate each other.

I, for one, am really looking forward to seeing some more in-depth interaction between Sam and Cas. I even still have a tiny bit of hope that it may one day be revealed to either Sam or Dean or both that it was Cas who let Sam out of the panic room in 4:21, thus enabling Sam to kill Lillith and break the final seal.

To end on a lighter note, I got a chuckle out of reason #2: Second, Misha and Jared really wanted an opportunity to riff on each other in good fun.--- I just hope Jared will go easy on Misha and let him do his coverage without too much interference, but I'm not holding my breath that Jared will behave. Am hoping for some gag-reel goodies from those scenes.

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Not sure how I really feel about the latest ep. I mean I did like it a lot but maybe I'm still on a buzz that hellatus is over and our boys are back. It took me a long time to get my head around the case and who was doing the killing and why.

I was hoping/expecting for a lot more Sam related flashbacks. Was really hoping that TPTB would/will devote equal time and effort to both Dean and Sam's past year in flashback, and yeah it is only ep 3 but I already feel that the Sam reveals aren't going to be as 'meaty' & explanatory as the ones we've had for Dean so far. I know it's not a competition but I can see fandom comparing every flashback we get for length, quality and the type of information revealed about each of the boys. So far, we've gotten so much more info about Dean than we have for Sam and as a Samgirl that's making me a little jealous/annoyed. 1 little 45 second flashback right at the end of the ep that really didn't reveal much is way too little, IMO.

I was hoping we'd see something from right after Sam and Amelia met. I still want to know what drew Sam to her when she was such a bitch (IMO) to him in the season premiere, but I guess we're only going to get dripped-fed tiny amounts of story as the season progresses. Being so intrigued about Sam's past year, I guess I just want all the answers right now.

I still love and always will love Dean, but I'm finding it a little hard to really like him at the moment. He is totally dismissive of Sam's feelings and desire for a normal life outside of hunting. The vibe I get is that it's Dean's way (hunting non-stop 24/7) only. Anything else is to be ridiculed. I am glad that Sam isn't backing down on expressing what he wants and just stepping into line behind Big Brother. This is something that Sam has wanted ever since high school, so it's not like Dean had no idea about Sam wanting a normal life. Heck he even encouraged Sam to get out way back in Season 1 (Shadow, I think was the ep)

Things I did love: Sam being a fanboy and geeking out over the QB. It's really nice to finally find out someone Sam looked up to and idolised as a teenager who wasn't Dean.
Another Thor reference!!!!! I still want to believe that Thor's Hammer is in the Impala's trunk and we'll see it wielded by Sam in future eps.
Sam tearing up after the flashback. He's still so sad and depressed and I just want to reach into the screen and give him a big hug. And though I know it's probably not going to happen, I'd like to see Dean be more supportive of Sam's feelings even if he doesn't agree with them. There were times when I wanted to punch Dean for being so pig-headed.
Sam eating that apple and visibly enjoying it. Dean's love of food is second only to his love for Baby, so it's nice to see Sam eating for pleasure and getting to enjoy the good things.
Love the 'there's no such thing as too much fibre' convo and Sam's look at Dean and his 'Thankyou/ See' exchange.
Dean's glee at getting the translation app. It's nice to see that the simple things can still bring a smile to Dean's face.

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In less than 24 hours I'll be watching the season finale with [livejournal.com profile] ash48 & [livejournal.com profile] zebra363 . I envision much squeeing and WTH and lots and lots of drooling over gorgeous guys and beautiful cars (well, 1 beautiful car who we have all missed so much) and cursing and WTF with the inevitable cliffhanger and then mad, crazy, passionate dissecting with what it all means and where it's all heading for season 8.

Coffee and apple pie and lots of other goodies will be on the menu, too.


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