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With just 6 weeks until AHBL8, I was finally able to book my flights today so I can see this dude! Cost me a bit more than I would have liked and means I'll be living on the absolute basics for the next couple of weeks but Jared Tristan Padalecki is worth every single dollar and then some!!!

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It's been 487 days since my last Padahug (J2-day at PasadenaCon, Nov 2015) Still can't quite get my head around the fact that in just another 50 days, I'll be getting more hugs from Jared. At this stage and budget allowing, hopefully 3 of them: Jared solo, J2 squishy sandwich and the Winchester Family pic with J2, Matt and Amy. The WF pic I may be splitting/sharing with my best friend as it's quite pricey ($350-- that's a week's rent for me)
I cannot wait for May 6 to get here already, to see Jared in person again, his beautiful smile and awesome laugh and gorgeously playful antics with Jensen during their panels. And of course his hair, all soft and shiny and simply glorious. And Hellatus!Scruff, too!!!
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If the Gods are kind, he will perform at the AHBL8 Saturday night concert for all us Aussie fans. Though, I'm not sure I'd survive being in the same room if he does sing.

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.....but my friend Kim and her hubby managed to get us tickets for Saturday fairly quickly so we should have pretty good seats. So relieved but they have to do it all over again tomorrow to buy our Sunday tickets. Hopefully, things go a lot smoother and faster.

Also got our tickets for the Saturday night concert with Louden Swain and Jason Manns. :-)

The website was being hacked, fans were constantly refreshing the page, too many fans had multiple tabs open (some as many as 10 or more on 2 or 3 different devices) with the overload causing the site to keep crashing over and over. Even the tech gurus couldn't access it to update with the day tickets, so finally had to tell everyone to just calm the fuck down and chill out!!!

Just over an hour later and they suspended sales, as some people were buying more than they were allocated. 90% of Saturday tickets have been sold, the venue holds well over 2000 so it's going to be a massive convention!!!
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Hoping we get scruffy hellatus Jared (and Jensen) for AHBL8 in May. Already getting very excited for more photo ops and hugs!

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A great day at work, (lots of double and triple rate jobs which pay really, really good money) turned into an evening of sharing excitement and squee of the upcoming AHBL con in Melbourne this May on the local SPNFamily FB page I run. Tickets go on sale early next week and everyone is discussing which level they are getting and which photo ops and autos they want/can afford. I'm doing both Sat & Sun day tickets and plan on spending heaps on photo ops and autos. So far my list is:

Excitement is building!!! )

Chooks are cute )
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Not a big surprise really but I'm still so damn excited to be seeing Jensen again. :-)

Other guests are:

Richard Speight Jnr.
Matt Cohen
Rob Benedict & Louden Swain
Amy Gumenick
Emily Swallow
Hillywood Girls
Jason Manns
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And so it begins!!!! Counting down to May 6, 2017.


I'll be posting a favourite Jared pic or vid every day in celebration of this glorious event.
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Hi, Hub members.

We're extremely pleased to announce this next guest. It's someone we haven't seen in Australia for a long time, and we're very, very happy to finally welcome him back. We think you'll all be just as excited to see Jared Padalecki joining us for AHBL 8!

The Hub Team

Because of the teaser vid shown at Dec's AHBL Xmas Con, I knew this was coming but to get confirmation has just made me so very, very happy!!!!!! I think I'm even more excited than I was when he was announced for AHBL6 back in 2015 and had already planned my US con adventure.

This is truly the best news ever!!!!!!! 2017 is going to be magnificent!!!!
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......... it looks like J2 will be coming to All Hell Breaks Loose 8 in Melbourne on May 6 & 7, 2017!!!!!!

There was an SPN Xmas con last weekend in Australia. During the con a short teaser vid for AHBL 8 was shown. There were blink-and-you'd-miss-'em image flashes of various cast members: Jared and Jensen, Rich and Matt, Rob and Louden Swain, Jason Manns, Emily Swallow (Amara), Amy Gumineck (young Mary) and the Hillywood girls.


Apart from Rich and Matt as hosts, no other guests have been formally announced yet. We should get confirmation in mid January. But everyone seems pretty certain that


I'm gonna get more epically squishy PadaHugs!!!! and amazing J2 sandwich pics!!!!!

Just as awesome is that my BFF, Kim, is going to be there too and I'll finally get to meet her wonderful hubby and awesome kids. She's a wonderful friend and I can't wait to see her again and to share all the excitement of another con with her. Plus it will be her first time meeting Jared.


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