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Just uploaded this on Facebook. The quality is so much better than I thought it would be from my phone, and though it is shaky, blurry and dark (pitch black in places due to the very low light levels) you can still see the guys on stage most of the time and hear everything. It's just over 8 minutes long of fans and cast singing Eye Of The Tiger and then Carry On.

Words can't really describe what it was like to be in that room (unless you've been to an SPN karaoke, of course) but I hope this gives an idea of the amazing atmosphere and love that was there.

This is the true spirit and emotion and amazingness of an Supernatural covention. Cast, fans and classic rock. All 1 one...

Posted by Peta Caldwell on Monday, May 25, 2015
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Am home after the most amazing weekend of my entire life. Still on a massive high and can't quite believe everything really happened except it did!!!!! And I have the pics to prove it.

I'll be posting all my photo ops and some panel pics over the next few days but just wanted to mention my highlights:

Meeting Jensen in RL for the first time is something that I will never forget and will treasure forever. He was so open and warm and gorgeous and gracious and a little bit humbled I think to the reaction he got from the Aussies. He spoke so much and so lovingly about Jared and why he didn't attend and says both of them want to come back next year. If that happens nothing will stop me from being there.

2 Jensen photo ops and fantastic squishy Jensen hugs in each of them.

Managed to say a few words to Jensen each time he was signing my pics. Asked him if he had fully recovered from Tough Mudder yet and he said he think's so. Said the guys want to do it again next year but in a different city.

Asked him a question in the Sydney VIP panel he shared with Mark Sheppard about Tough Mudder. He said it was his idea as a good bonding exercise for all the guys prior to them doing these past 3 cons. Then realised how tough a course it was and they needed to train for it. Which j2 teased in one if their vids.
Was Richard who did the shirts and put their names on the back which made it easy for fellow racers to recognize them and chase them, resulting in the boys doing more running than just for the course. And why the heck did Richard use white shirts.
Near the end were electrical wires. Most were dead but a few had 10,000 volts running through them and even 30,000 which zapped Osric and he went down. Jensen was next to him, turned around to help and touched a 10,000v wire.
And acting all this out as he was telling us complete with awesome sound effects.

I really, really hope the 2 VIP panels are on the dvd's which will be released in mid-June as they were so fantastic, esp to see Jensen trying Vegemite chocolate for the 1st time. For the UK people think Marmite, for others it's a black, very salty yeast extract that you spread VERY THINLY on toast or bread. Most Aussie kids grow up on the stuff but for others (like Jensen) it's a very weird food that is absolutely disgusting.

Jensen getting standing ovations at the end of his panels and filming the Sydney one. In Melbourne, everyone stood up together. In Sydney it was a slightly slower response but still amazing.

I can actually see myself in the vid, waving my hands and screaming and looking like a bloody idiot but fuck it was amazing and Jensen was filming it to show Jared so totally worth it.

I got told to "Oh, shut up!!" by Mark in his Sydney panel. It was near the beginning and he asked who had been to Melbourne the day before. A few people raised their hands as did I. However, I was the only one who screamed out "whoooo Hoooo!!!" so of course Mark heard and noticed me. So happy to have been spoken to and told off by the King of Hell.

Osric doing a backflip in Melbourne

Osric laying on Tim's lap as Tim sang a lullaby from Galavant. That was a fantastic panel match up. They were just so sweet and awesome together.

Richard and Matt's panels were brilliant. Richard told a long story about a certain "Pared Jadalecki" being able to change all the settings on your phone despite only having it for a few seconds and of sending a text to Richard's wife that made it look like Richard was texting another woman.

Sydney being the only SPN con to have the sing-along (karaoke) shut down early because we were making too much noise which was entirely Matt Cohen's fault as he kept demanding that we weren't screaming loud enough.

Being in a room full of SPNfamily with Matt, Richard, Tim and Osric singing Eye Of The Tiger and Carry On, Wayward Son. Wrapping my arm around Kim, my wonderful friend I spent Sunday with, as we swayed to the chorus. We hadn't seen each other in 5 years and don't know when we'll see each other again (living on opposite sides of such a massive country sucks!!) so wanted to make every second worth it. Have got vid. Will post it once I can retrieve it from my phone.

Getting to meet up with my Aussie LJ buddies, [livejournal.com profile] reggie11, [livejournal.com profile] kazluvsbooks, [livejournal.com profile] ash48, [livejournal.com profile] kasman, [livejournal.com profile] little_creek96 & [livejournal.com profile] missyjack aka Superwiki They were just as wonderful and friendly and amazing as I'd thought they'd be. Only regret is that we didn't spend nearly enough time together so am hoping we can all catch up again next year.

Seeing a fellow SPN fan at Sydney airport on Monday night and sharing photo ops and reliving the memories and magic of the weekend as we waited for our flights and finding out that not only do we both live in Perth but are only 1 suburb apart. Was great to meet you, Kate. Looking forward to seeing you again soon. Hopefully just after the dvd's are released next month.

Seeing so many of Jared's Always Keep Fighting shirts in both Melbourne and Sydney. Very touching and inspiring and making it seem like Jared was there with us in spirit at least.

There's probably so much more that I just can't recall right now, so I'll leave this as is.
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Found a nice surprise in my letterbox when I got home from work this morning.

These are awesome seats so I should have amazing views of the boys & can hopefully take some good photos.
Any LJ folks who are attending AHBL6 in either Melbourne or Sydney, looking forward to meeting up with y'all at some time during the weekend. Let me know where you are sitting and I'll drop bye and say G'day.

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With at least $900 worth of photo ops planned for AHBL6 Melbourne/Sydney (and that's just Jared, Jensen and a J2 in each city) I was really hoping and needing to get a lot of shifts this month. Well my prayers were answered and how!!!!!!!

From my normal roster of 3 shifts/ 24 hours per week, I've worked 7 shifts/nearly 50 hours each week for the last fortnight and will be working just as many in this next pay fortnight. This includes 2 shifts on each Saturday last fortnight (midnight-8am & 6pm-midnight) and next week will be doing a 6pm-midnight/ 5am-11am double with only about 4 hours sleep between them. All this means lots of penalty rate (1.5x and 2x) overtime as we are supposed to have a minimum 10 hour break between shifts but I'm going to be naughty and not tell my home-store manager (the 5-11 shift) about finishing at midnight at another site.

Plus he still owes me 7 hours of unpaid work from a month ago which I really hope gets added to this week's pay. If I get paid on time for all my hours, I'll have enough to get the other 2 photo ops plus extra autos and t-shirts/merchandise.

Besides J2, there's also Mark Sheppard, Richard and Matt and Osric. I get 2 of them included in my ticket (but don't know yet which 2 Hub will choose; am hoping for Matt and Osric.) Plus as I get all my autos in my ticket too, I'll need something for the guys to sign.

As tiring as doing all these shifts are (especially the 5-11 café shifts where I'm making coffees non-stop for 3 or more hours) I hope they continue as I still have to buy my Supanova ticket to see Nathan Fillion and now SPN LA con tickets have just gone on sale but won't be getting them (Gold tix, J & J photo ops) til probably July, plus I still have more US airfares and hotels to book/pay for the November trip. Had been hoping to have all those covered by now and to be saving up spending money but J2 coming to AHBL really threw a spanner in the works and my budget. Not that I'm complaining about getting to see the boys twice more and much sooner, but it's certainly made things a little tighter re finances.
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Basically parked myself in the stage 1 panel room from 10am-2pm. With the Platinum ticket, I got a great seat near the front and as they didn't clear the room between panels (as a lot of cons do especially with the more high profile and popular guests) I was able to keep it the whole time I was there.

1st up was the Hercules panel with Kevin Sorbo and Michael Hurst. This was a really fun panel. The guys are obviously still very good friends and told lots of stories from the Hercules days. I asked Kevin about auditioning for Mulder in the X-Files and he said he got to the final couple. He then went for Superman in Lois and Clark but missed out to Dean Cain. Not long after that he was cast in Hercules.

Game of Thrones with Daniel Portman (Podrick) and Finn Jones (Ser Loras Tyrell) was next. Another great panel.

Billy Boyd, Pippin in LOTR, was really, really fun. Lots of energy and great engagement with the audience. Talked heaps about LOTR and Sir Ian McKellan and that for a lot of their scenes, he was on his knees to get the height difference and how he got really good at walking around on his knees. The highlight of the panel (and perhaps the whole con) was the last question. Someone asked what shows he was currently watching and he listed a couple, then someone yelled out another and he said he hadn't seen it and then people just started yelling out shows at random, most of the big current ones, like Game Of Thrones, Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, etc. It was really quick-fire back and forth with a lot of very fun boo-ing from the audience if he hadn't seen something. He hasn't seen SPN, that one I can remember. Then we started on movies, yes, LOTR and the Hobbit were called out first, then ones like Star Wars (Yes) and Twilight and Sound Of Music (no) and Titanic and even 50 Shades Of Grey. By the time we finished everyone was laughing and wanting more time. It was great. I wish there was vid on Youtube but they are very strict about no recording, so will have to wait til the DVD is sent to me as I can't wait to see it again.

For the Walking Dead we had Chad Coleman (Tyreese Williams) and Sonequa Martin-Green Sasha Williams. Again a lot of stories from the show. Sonequa talked about her scene where she was sleeping on a pile of Walkers and how that (for her character) was kind of peaceful. Chad mentioned the scene in the cabin where Rick and Carl are reunited with baby Judith and how it took a long time as the baby wouldn't settle, esp when Tyreese had to hand her to Rick. She had spent so much time with him that she thought he was her TV daddy.

Lunch was another chance to take a breather and quite by chance I caught up with Laura and Angie again in the Platinum lounge (not as fancy as it sounds, just a few tables and chairs in a small room, but it was comfy and away from the main vendor area so at least we could hear each other).

Autos went really smooth and quick, thanks to the Platinum ticket, didn't have to queue. Got my do pic signed. I thanked both Ben and Michael for finally coming to Perth and hoped they would be able to see some of the sights. Ben didn't think he would as they only had the Monday off before flying to next weekend's con in Adelaide. He had especially wanted to check out Margaret River, 4 hours drive south of Perth and famous for it's great surfing beaches as he is an avid surfer) So I told him, "well, I guess, you'll just have to come back then." Which he replied, He'd love too. And that he couldn't believe he'd lived in Australia for 5 years when filming Farscape and yet he had never been to Western Aust and had in fact seen very little of the country.

Then it was the SG1 panel with Ben, Michael and Cliff Simon (Ba'al) Ben made the best entrance!!!! Cliff and Michael came on stage but not Ben. A minute later we hear Ben's voice through a mic somewhere, turned around and Ben's about a dozen rows behind us in the audience, asking Michael who was the better kisser?? Claudia Black (Vala) or Ben Browder. On stage, both Michael and Cliff broke out laughing, doubled over and Michael wiping tears from his eyes. Michael, of course, answered, "Ben."

Ben then got all the Scapers in the room to raise their hands and yelled out "Can I get a Hell Yeah?? It's a line from the show and something Ben does in nearly every panel. The "Hell Yeah" we gave him was deafening and Ben was so proud that there were so many Scapers there. See, even though Farscape was filmed here, it wasn't really shown very much on local tv. The first few eps were aired when there was a little sporting event called the Sydney Olympics was on, so of course no-one was watching anything else. Ben sad he got stopped maybe once on the street by a person saying he looked a lot like that guy from the space show with the muppets.

Later in the panel, Michael made some remark about what was slang for puppets or muppets (I can't remember which) for which he got boo'd by all the scapers. We never refer to or think of Rygel and Pilot as anything other than living breathing cast members. Michael looked a bit shocked. Ben told him, you know the show was filmed here, and dude you do not fuck with the Aussies. God, I love him!!!!!!!

There was lots of talk about pranks and how when Daniel Jackson turned down a very seductive Vala (in red lacy underwear) Ben said he went to the writers and said Mitchell would do it no problem. He be happy to take one for the team.

Last panel was Robert Englund (Freddy Kruger) and Ken Kirzinger (Jason). I asked Robert about doing SPN (Dr Robert in season 6's Appointment in Samarra) and he, like Michael said how awesome Jared and Jensen were to work with and how the set was a really fun and friendly place. Said he would love to come back to the show and that's it plausible as he has a skill hunters can use (temporarily killing people) and that he knew John, so could provide insight into the boys childhood's and John as a young hunter just starting out.

And that was the end of my weekend and OzComicCon for another year. Caught up with another friend (Adam) I had spotted in various panels of the weekend but never got close enough to chat with, so we talked as we walked to the bus station. Whilst I love doing these cons solo and can do my own thing and see who I want to see, I also love having someone there to share things with and get all excited and squee'y (that's totally a word) with. It's why I'm looking forward to going to AHBL in Sydney with my mate, Kim. Will be awesome to be able to experience Jared and Jensen with someone who not only loves them as much as I do but understands the passion and lust 2 women older than the boys have for them and not be weirded out or repulsed by it.

It's why I love cons so much and will keep going even if there are no actors that I'm wanting to see. I love the atmosphere of being with thousands of other fans. There's no judgement, no harassment for looking different or being bigger. We may not all love the same shows or comics or anime but we are all fans OF something or someone in one massive family that is FANDOM. We all share a unique and very special love that people not in fandom either can't or don't want to understand. I'm normally very shy but put me in a mile long photo or auto queue or waiting for a panel to begin and within seconds I'm chatting to folks in front and behind me and pulling out my photo folder to show off ops. It's a lot like LJ only in person and on a much bigger scale and I love it and I feel like after searching for decades for somewhere to belong, I have finally found my home and my family.

So to all of you here on LJ and out there at past and future cons, thanks so very, very much from the bottom of my heart I want to hug each and very one of you and never let you go.

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69 days til AHBL6 in Melbourne

69 days til I meet Jared and Jensen for the very first time!!!!

Just sayin'......
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Happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] reggie11

Hope it's an absolutely wonderful day for you. Can't wait to hang out with you and this guy at AHBL6 in Sydney.

Oh and I hear this dude might be hanging around too!!!

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Just got my email from the [livejournal.com profile] spnspringfling mods and I squeeled and I haven't even opened it yet. Please, please let it be all the pairings I love and let the prompts be ones that inspire lots and lots of great ideas.

OK, here we go.... wish me luck f*listies.... tabs to Live Mail and clicks on email....

OMFG.......... these are perfect!!!!!!! my top 2 OTP's are listed as pairings and all the prompts give me something to work with that I can see going in a variety of directions. 1 has immediately jumped up and is screaming "PICK ME!! PICK ME" Doesn't mean that's the one I'll do but it's encouraging to know I probably won't be stressing out trying to choose one.

Oh just had a flurry of thoughts about the pairing and when to set it and a very rough plot outline and I wanna start writing straight away and I can because I'm on holidays, so no work for the next week. With all the money I've just spent on AHBL tickets, I'm too broke to go anywhere so am literally housebound. The timing couldn't be better!!!
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Best news first!!! I bought my VIP ticket to AHBL6 in Melbourne, so will be spending the Saturday as well in J2's company. Added bonus is more time with all the fan!girls and boys. Had to transfer money from a few different accounts to have enough but I was so worried about them selling out before I get paid next Wednesday that it was worth the hassle.

Been arranging meet-ups with friends and fellow SPNFamily from LJ, Twitter and FB. Will be sharing a hotel room with a wonderful lady I met at a Stargate/Farscape con back 2010 and have kept in touch via FB, text and the odd phone call. She sent me a beautiful pentagram pendant (which I wear everyday) and I can't wait to thank her in person.

Have so far resisted buying the Ben/Michael dinner ticket. Will check to see if any are still available after payday. If so, then I'm obviously meant to go, right??? :-)

Secondly!!!! Jared!!! Can he get anymore awesome??? I thought not but him joining FB and the daily spammage is the best thing ever!!! I've bought both a t-shirt and sweater and am hoping they arrive before late May so that I can wear them to the con.

I think being on FB really suits Jared. He's not limited to just 140 characters, so he can really take the time and space to detail his thoughts and feelings. Plus the vids have all been amazing. I especially love the one where he is playing *hookey* on set and runs into Ryan Curtis... busted!!!!

I get the biggest, probably very goofy grin on my face every time I get a notification on my phone that he has posted a new pic or vid or link. And it only gets bigger when I check them out.

This one is my favourite so far. Warning for spoilers for 10x19

Thirdly!!!! Loved this week's ep of The Blacklist

spoilers for 2x14 )

Fourthly!!!! Making good progress on my BB but will be taking a brief hiatus this week to do [livejournal.com profile] spnspringfling. Prompts should be emailed out in the next couple of days and am really looking forward to seeing what I've been assigned. Last year I struggled to keep to the max 2500 words so am hoping the ideas come thick and fast this time 'round.


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